During these particular times, our CEO Ramesh Krishnan wanted to keep you informed of what is going on within the Winoa group in the attached letter.
Take good care of you and your beloved ones.

Distinguished Clients, Trusted Suppliers and Dear Partners,

Our Winoa family is utterly grateful for the great businesses we have with you. In the limelight of Covid-19 restrictions, priorities with health and lock downs, we genuinely request you to bear with any potential disruptions. We are putting our best efforts to fulfil your queries. In these challenging times, let’s stay closer than ever before and build better foundations for prosperous periods to come.

As Mark Knopfler version of Ode to Joy (why worry) goes..
“There should be laughter after pain
There should be sunshine after rain”

I believe in the positivity of humanity and in spite of all the hurdles today, we shall overcome this health hazard soon, learn from the crisis and build sustainability.

Stay healthy, stay safe, kind regards and gratitude from the bottom of my heart (on behalf of every single member of Winoa Family).

Yours’ faithfully,
RK @Winoa