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Saturday 6 march 2021 - 16:02

Care for Customer

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Care For Customer
In January 2019, Winoa launched in Europe its C4C project  “Care for Customer”, that is now extended to the USA and developed by its North American affiliate company “Winoa USA”.

Herewith the testimony of Iann Bouchard, American Team C4C Project Manager.

“In order to always improve its service and customer offer, the North American Winoa team is currently investing in a program called C4C - Care for Customers.

We can be proud of the support from our customers, our team and everyone's participation in this project.

The project started in January and we have so far developed the Definition of our next Customer Promise, with its goals and actions.

In order to define this client promise, several interviews were conducted both internally and mainly with our clients, distributors and prospects. The objective was to understand their needs of today and for the future.

So we built a comprehensive action plan that:
• improves our selection of products offering,
• Increases the service offer,
• and meets the availability and delivery required in today's world...
Now begins phase 2 - The implementation of these upgraded client offers!

Please contact us to know more about the future of shot blasting."


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