<![CDATA[Rss > Breaking News]]> 2018-08-21 23:20:13 <![CDATA[Busy in Busan !]]> 27/04/2018

KFS held an exhibition of casting for two days, on April, 12th and 13th at Dong-a University in Busan. Our sister company SEOUL Shot seized the opportunity to promote new businesses such as Stelux ranges, and HPG.

Stelux products offers a real ecological alternative compared  to other surface treatment solutions, such as blasting with garnet or aluminum oxide, that generate much more waste and dust emissions, or chemical operations like acid pickling. It also reinforce our willingness to be environment friendly.

HPG; High Performance Grit, is the steel grit that is especially designed to improve shot blasting performance in foundries and forges. This product is appreciated for its performance which reduces the unit cost of blasting process by 15%. Its efficiency allows a higher cleaning result on parts.

Even if we provide steel abrasives, our main success factor is our technical support, and this is what visitors were interested in. Indeed, we will develop further the board and SSK will make it possible to solve anything in the field of shot blasting. So we are launching a new business by selling the spare parts for wheel blasting and air blasting.
Our experts are working all over the world.

Do not hesitate to come to our next exhibitions, find us on our LinkedIn page and our website !]]>
<![CDATA[Winoa & UNICEF unite for a noble cause! ]]> 07/03/2018

Winoa looks after its customers' satisfaction and supports the association UNICEF!
While customer satisfaction is one of the main values advocated by Winoa, mutual aid and solidarity are also among them.
Since the end of 2016 after a customer visit, W Abrasives salespeople have a smartphone app where the customer can share their level of satisfaction. They can give feedback on product quality, delivery time, the working relationship with Winoa, the value the product offers, the brand's technologies and services or its level of general satisfaction. Of course, it is the processing of the collected questionnaires that allows us to offer products, services, and technologies that are always more innovative and adapted to our customers' needs. 
To give more impact to this action, in spring 2017,  we launched an internal challenge in which the Regional Sales Managers, our salespeople, enthusiastically participated: for each questionnaire completed, 1 euro was donated to UNICEF; an incredible amount of data was collected while also enabling Winoa to make a direct contribution to protecting, integrating, educating, or even helping a child to survive.
In eight months, a total of 1,000 euros was donated to UNICEF: a small gesture for a great cause!]]>
<![CDATA[2018 Electrode price surcharge at Winoa European operations]]> 29/01/2018 The tight supply situation within the graphite electrodes market has led to limited global availability of graphite electrodes and sharp increases in their prices.
Faced with this sharp and unprecedented escalation in the market prices of graphite electrodes, Winoa has seen its monthly purchasing costs multiplied several folds and is struggling to secure supplies, while facing tightened payment conditions. 
This current cost dynamics have forced Winoa to implement in 2018 a new price adjustment related to electrodes. This is handled through a specific price surcharge for Winoa European operations. The company will continue to take all the necessary actions to face this exceptional situation and will closely monitor primary raw materials evolution to keep its customers informed of potential future changes. 
Your Winoa sales representative is fully available on any practical aspects of Winoa electrodes price adjustment. More details are also available on the website www.scrap-surcharge.com 
<![CDATA[Winoa Germany in the heart of Europe]]> 05/12/2017

<![CDATA[Inflation Pressure in Steel abrasives manufacturing seen ahead! ]]> 08/09/2017 Winoa is facing an unprecedented situation of rising costs in its primary raw materials. The current cost dynamics have forced Winoa to implement a worldwide price adjustment to continue providing customer the top quality products and services they have grown to expect. 

The recent boom in the production of batteries for electrical vehicles has strained the supply chain of graphite materials and caused a remarkable hike in the market prices of graphite electrodes used in electric arc furnaces for melting steel. 
The increasing environmental pressure on the global steel industry is driving an aggressive reduction of the industry carbon emissions. The pressure has triggered technological changes affecting the supply chain of raw materials for steel making which is combining with a reversal in cycle of metal manufacturing commodities. These changes are particularly impacting ferro alloys and refractories.
In addition, after years of capacity buildup, the shipping industry idled ships for the second year and continue to consolidate to reduce overcapacity.  These efforts have contributed to major shipping indexes such as the Baltic dry index or China Containerized Freight Index to post  double digits growth in 2017. 
Over time Winoa has always kept the quality of its products and services at the top of its decisions, today even in the hardest times, the company will continue to strive to maintain the best value for its customers.
The current cost dynamics have forced Winoa to implement a worldwide price adjustment to continue providing customer the top quality products and services they have grown to expect. In parallel the company will take all the necessary actions to face this exceptional situation and will closely monitor primary raw materials evolution to keep its customers informed of potential future changes. 
<![CDATA[13th International Conference on Shot Peening]]> 07/03/2017  
As the world market leader in steel shot and grit, W Abrasives is pleased to participate to the 13th International Conference on Shot Peening. 
During these three exhibit days, the W Abrasives team will be presenting the complete line of surface enhancement solutions including high carbon steel shots, cut wire, stainless steel products and ultra-fine shots.
The W Abrasives large spectrum of media offering includes solutions for the Automotive, Aerospace, Spring and many other markets.
In addition to meet the most common SAE standards (J827, J441...), the W Abrasives  products can meet the VDFI 8001, AMS 2431/1, 2, 3, 4 and 8, DMR 71-110 (Safran Group) standards, to name a few...
The W Abrasives team will also take the opportunity to present an "ultra fine shot" in the order of 70-100µm used for the peening of small parts such as gears or valve springs. 
With its expertise, world wide availability, innovations and product performances, W Abrasives will be able to optimize all your shot peening applications.

We look forward to seeing you there on our booth #5!
Hotel Delta Montreal
475, President-Kennedy Avenue
Montreal, H3a 1j7 Canada
SEPT 18th to 21th 2017
<![CDATA[SSPC 2017 Tampa, Florida – USA January 30 – February 02, 2017]]> 03/03/2017 The SSPC 2017 was held from January 30 to February 02, at the Tampa Convention Center in Florida, USA. During 3 days of exhibits, more than 120 companies in Airblast equipment, Recycling machines and Paint were present.
The US W Abrasives team representing Sales, Marketing and Technical have chosen the SSPC to showcase the W Abrasives offer:  Premium products, technologies, services, the win solution to meet their customer’s needs.  
The W Abrasives brand was highlighted thanks to the WA logo displayed on the main black wall, the Premium Products and side board graphics. Product literature was available and handed out to guests. The product sample wheel included shot, grit, HPG, Profilium, Stainium and Hybrid was on display, along with samples of Cut Wire.
Team Picture (facing left to right): Iann Bouchard, Charlie Gorman,
Matthew Schweitzer, Dale Campbell & Craig Wallbank 
The technical team also presented the WA CLEAN technology to demonstrate the customer benefit in reading, quantifying and archiving the degree of surface cleanliness to be achieved. So, several people showed positive interest and expressed that the WA Clean device was something they would be able to use and consider for purchase.
SSPC 2017 was a successful event which allowed to strengthen the notoriety of Winoa and its brand W Abrasives in the Airblast area. 
<![CDATA[SteelFab 2017]]> 09/02/2017 In January 2017, W Abrasives participated in the 13th edition of SteelFab Exhibition, held from January 16th-19th at Sharjah Expo Center, UAE. The show featured over 300 exhibitors including Abrasives Manufacturers & Distributors, Blasting Machine Manufacturers, Steel Fabrication and Process Equipment Companies. 
SteelFab 2017 allowed WINOA and its brand to strengthen their presence in a market which is driven by the Dubai 2020 Expo, Oil & Gas Developments and Construction Activity and to remind that W Abrasives is a key player to the abrasive world.
W Abrasives’ focus was on Surface Preparation and Foundry Application. Two technical seminars were delivered at the exhibition seminar hall, to promote the premium approach of W Abrasives brand and to show benefits of steel abrasives over expendable abrasives. Both of which had an attendance of over 30 people.
From left to right, Oscar Mascarenhas, Fabio Lombardi, Sunil Sequeira, Michele De La Gente, Joan Samuel & Yasir Elnager
For further information, contact oscar.mascarenhas@wabrasives.com 
<![CDATA[Fabtech, Las Vegas 16-18 November 2016]]> 06/02/2017

The 2016 Fabtech Trade Show and Conference was a three-day event held from November 16-18, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada. Fabtech, the North America’s largest show in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries, attracts the highest quality audience in the field of aerospace, automotive, construction, energy, oil & gas or other transportation. The 2016 show featured 1500 exhibiting companies and a total of 31,110 people attended from over 120 countries. Moreover, 62% of visitors attend no other show and go to Fabtech exclusively!

Members of NAO sales team of W Abrasives chose Fabtech to promote the W Abrasives brand and products to the Finishing industry and to remind that W Abrasives is a key player to the abrasive world.
The booth was located in the Finishing division on the show floor, with a 10x10 exhibit area, an ample space to project the products brand. Representing the Finishing industry, specific graphics were used on the back wall side boards to include bridge, ship and automotive. Products literature was
available and handed out to visitors. It also offered visitors the chance to see and touch the material.
The technical team presented the WA Clean technology. They used the unit in demonstration and explained as to how the WA Clean technology can benefit our customers. Several people showed positive interest and expressed that the WA Clean device was something they would be able to use and consider for purchase.
Attending the Fabtech Trade Show and Conference allowed to strengthen the notoriety of Winoa as well as W Abrasives its leader brand, in the Fabricating, Welding and Finishing industry.
contact: tammy.slusher@wabrasives.com

Team Picture (facing left to right):
Tammy Slusher, Iann Bouchard, Juan Pablo Munoz & Charlie Gorman
<![CDATA[ASCOATINDO Conference and Exhibition - Bali, 26-27 October 2016]]> 07/12/2016

Ascoatindo is a forum for professionals in the field of coating in Indonesia, dedicated to coating manufacturers,suppliers, coating users, academics, related industries and other stake holders, established since August 17, 2006 in Bandung.
This forum is supported by the Government institutions, Oil & Gas industries, Education institutions and professionals in the field of corrosion, coating and cathodics protection.
Ascoatindo Conference and Exhibition invited their members and related industry and institutions professionals involved in coating, which is one of Winoa target segments for surface preparation market.
Winoa participated in this exhibition as a support to one of its distributors in Surabaya Indonesia, to expand its products and services notoriety in the surface preparation market.
This market, main user of silica sand as a blasting material, starts to think to invest in their proper blasting material and equipment due to the government regulation and quality expectation.
With a well located booth near the entrance, all the visitors could catch a sight of the Winoa booth and many of them searched for company profile and commercial offer information.
The Winoa team introduced to the visitors the full range of products, technologies and services dedicated to the Surf Prep market.
Attending the Ascoatindo Conference and Exhibition built more strong relationships with our
Indonesian distributor, and allowed to strengthen the notoriety of the Winoa Group and its leader brand W Abrasives in the Indonesian surface preparation market, especially to address blasting and coating contractors.
<![CDATA[MARMOMACC 2016]]> 07/12/2016
Marmomacc 2016 – one of the most important stone fair worldwide - was held in Verona from September 28th to October 1st. 
Our MEIA team members and colleagues from the Italian team attended the fair as visitors. The team got the opportunity to visit the stands of our world-wide clients discussing operational topics and sharing views on the market situation and future trends, driven by the development of alternative cutting technologies.
Technology limitations and cost of new cutting technologies make the use of traditional gang saws still economical and cost effective, and some companies are still installing second hand gang saws, as confirmed during the Fair.
In this context, Winoa role is to keep on providing the world-wide re-known service level and its consultancy approach tailored on clients’ specific needs, both key success factors to support our clients in the challenging ahead
Black granites are still trendy and this is the segment where most of our Indian clients are currently active.
We noticed a better and less gloomy mood in some of our clients in India, and this is auspicious for the year to come.
Saudi Arabia, one of the major granite market, is still affected by the slow-down in local construction sector and the cut in budget expenditure: new budget expected to be released in December will let us understand whether some funds will be diverted to the mega projects that have been driven the growth of granite cutting industry in the country in those last years.
This fair is the right place to get an idea of the business opportunities.
<![CDATA[56th Foundry International Conference – Portoroz - Slovenia]]> 07/12/2016 The annual foundry conference of Portorož in Slovenia has become a traditional and serious meeting point for experts and professionals for exchange of information and experiences at the interface between the European countries in the middle of Europe and the South-East. The Slovenian hosts, at the head the President of the Slovenian  Foundrymen´s society, Mrs. Mirjam Jan-Blazic, always find the right composition for an interesting program.
This year she welcomed Dipl.-Ing Andrew Turner (WFO), Prof. Andreas Bührig-Polaczek (Head of the Foundry Institute RWTH Achen), Dr. Christian Wilhelm (BDG), Dipl.Ing. Gerhard Schindlbacher and Prof. Peter Schumacher (ÖGI)., 
Abrasiv Muta, the Winoa Group Slovenian Sister company, participated in the 56th International Foundry Conference from 14 - 16 September in Portorož and met with existing and potential business partners in the field of foundries.
They successfully introduced the PREMIUM products series under the worldwide brand of the group, W Abrasives, their NEW TOOLS and BENEFITS to support their customers in their activity in the  foundry field.
<![CDATA[International Engineering Fair in BRNO - Czech Republic]]> 24/11/2016 The International Engineering Fair was a five-day event held from 3rd to 7th October 2016, at the BRNO Exhibition Center, which ranks among the largest exhibitions centers in Europe and which is on the 23rd position on the word. 
Popular among professionals in the industry sector it is the most successful International Engineering Fair since 2008, for fair organizers. Covering over 44,000 square meters, the event attracted a total number of 80,000 visitors with 80% from Czech, 15% from Slovakia and 5% from other countries.  As each year, the Czech Prime Minister has traditionally opened the fair. 
Through its good placement which crisscrossed two paths and a stand measuring 6 x 5 meters, Kovobrasiv, the Czech WINOA’s subsidiary has given an image of an innovative and modern company.
WINOA participated in this exhibition to introduce and promote its new Premium products and services and explain their benefits to customers as well as introduce their new tools and innovation program.  
Participated in the biggest Engineering Fair in Central Europe allowed WINOA to strengthen its relationship with his distributor and placed the company as a key player in the Central Europe.
<![CDATA[INDOMETAL EXHIBITION]]> 24/11/2016 Jakarta, 25 – 27 October 2016
Indometal Exhibition 2016 is a three days exhibition held on 25 – 27
October 2016, at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Indonesia.
This event showed the machinery and product ranging from Foundry
technology, casting product, metallurgy to thermo process technology.
The exhibitors come from 296 local companies and international market
leader from 26 countries.
The exhibition is one of the largest trade exhibitions in the foundry market segment in Indonesia.
Winoa Asia participated in this exhibition in cooperation with its distributor in Indonesia. As a market leader, Winoa promoted its new product range and the Premium series to explore new market segment.
Winoa introduced its range Special products as Stelux and Cut Wire as a new product and its range of Premium product like Hybrid shot, Profilium and HPG. 
Winoa displayed a sample of its standard, Premium and Special series.
Winoa showed the customers benefits to choose W Abrasives brand as its key success factor through posters and animation highlighting the technical service support and the WALUE approach delivered to the customers.
Participated in the Indometal Exhibition 2016, allowed Winoa to strengthen its relationship with his distributor and placed Winoa as a key player in the foundry market. 

<![CDATA[VIIF Exhibition Vietnam 2016]]> 23/11/2016 The 25th Vietnam International Industrial Fair (VIIF 2016) was a four-day event held from Oct. 17 –20, 2016 atVietnam’s International Convention Center in Hanoi,  under the patronage of various key ministries of Vietnam including ministries of trade and industry, culture and information, construction, transportation etc. Covering over 4,500 m2, the event attracted the participation of over around 400 companies coming from Vietnam, China, Korea, Taiwan, India, and Japan…
SIAM IKK, the WINOA Thai subsidiary and its distributor chose The VIIF exhibition to promote the W Abrasives products, services and technologies to the customers and prospects through video and catalogues. 
Even if the fair did not focus on the abrasives, it was a good opportunity to gather experiences and to show our strong support to our local distributor.
The booth was located on the left line of the exhibition area, which was a fairly good location to attract visitors. With the 9m2 area, it was enough to display 3 panels with our commercial supports. A screen positioned in the middle continuously displayed Winoa’s & Phenics presentation videos while on the front table, we offered visitors catalogs and samples of our various steel shot and grit.
<![CDATA[Edito June 2016]]> 27/06/2016
In keeping with its strategic plan, “Let’s go further”, Winoa is continuing to roll out its roadmap. 
The goal of improving our ecosystem alignment with sound processes and shared values is all the more important since our company has industrial and commercial operations on all continents, with a total workforce of 1000.
Protecting their health and safety and complying with environmental standards has always been our highest priority: all our plants hold OHSAS 18 001 certification. Eleven out of twelve are also ISO 14 001-certified, and the twelfth will be by mid-2017. In the near future we are also considering extending ISO 50 001 certification to all our facilities, thus reaffirming our commitment to reduce our energy consumption.
By striving to maximise our teams’ operational efficiency we are also able to boost our clients’ productivity. 
Here are a few illustrations.
Over the past five years, the Winoa Academy has given more than 300 employees from 20 different countries opportunities to share their experiences of optimising blasting processes: adjusting machine settings, changing products, introducing premium products, etc. Last spring Winoa inaugurated its sixth testing and research centre in Houston (Texas), enabling it to develop advanced training programmes and test new products and services in actual conditions. Thanks to this investment, Winoa will be able to build development partnerships with leading industrial firms in North America.  
Last but not least, growth is driven by implementing new solutions for preparing or renovating metal surfaces. These solutions can save up to 30% of the total cost of an operation, while also bringing about much faster completion times and reducing waste by more than 90%. In addition to supplying the best shot-blasting facilities, Winoa enables its clients to boost their performance thanks to its "Phenics" machine range and its ability to deploy its technical teams world-wide.
Let’s go further!
<![CDATA[SEA JAPAN 2016]]> 01/06/2016 IKK Shot participated in Japan’s largest international maritime exhibition, “SEA JAPAN 2016”, held from 13 to 15 April in the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centre.
We displayed premium product “PROFILIUM” and cleanliness measurement device "WA clean", as well as presenting activities such as machine checks or testing centre trials.
PROFILIUM is a special abrasive blend, used for surface preparation before painting. As for “WA clean”, it is able to make an objective assessment by digitizing the surface blast-cleaning grade. “WA clean” drew particular attention during the exhibition and several visitors gave praised its attributes.
“It is more specific than the judgement with the reference pictures standardised by ISO 8501-1, so standard evaluation becomes more objective.”
“It is very simple to operate, and even an inexperienced user will be able to evaluate it.”
“Because the evaluation standard becomes clearer, it’s easier to validate the cleanliness grades required by the subcontracting company, in accordance with the surface preparation working conditions.”


<![CDATA[STONA 2016 - 12th International Granites and Stone FairSTONA 2016 - 12th International Granites and Stone Fair ]]> 24/05/2016
W Abrasives is delighted to meet you all over the world!

STONA 2016 – the 12th International Granite and Stone Fair took place in Bangalore, India from 3-6 February 2016.

Organised by the Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry (FIGSI), visitors from all over the world attended what is considered to be one of the most important fairs in the natural stone, machinery and processing equipment sector. The country’s unique range of colourful stones were on display, at an event that also showcased the host companies’ manufacturing equipment and stone cutting and processing technology.
This year’s edition reflected the changing trends in the fashion and colours of interior decoration, and current preferences for the light veined stones and splendid patchworks of nicely coordinated colours. These sophisticated new surfaces create a demand for all kinds of niche products. There was a strong presence from the funeral industry, with a range of original headstones. This busy event is the place to be for exhibitors in search of opportunities or a new deal.  

Our MEIA team and sales networks presented a complete range of solutions designed to optimise our customers’ stone cutting operations. The Winoa Group is recognised as a world leader offering services locally, and our customers gladly stopped by to have a chat and meet the team.

We were able demonstrate the benefits of sawing with fine abrasives thanks to our simulation tools, and several appointments were taken for trials over the course of the year ahead.
We have been orientating our hard granite transformation customers towards our "Granitium" Premium product and some key players were impressed by the performance levels demonstrated.
This year has seen a slow-down in interest for Multiwire machines, and there were fewer installations of new machines and a preference to work with traditional frames.
We took plenty of positives out of this four-day event, notably the availability of new raw material sources that could drive marketing and promotional activities outside the country, raising hopes for potential future developments in the natural stone sector.
Contact: pascal.frasson@wabrasives.com
<![CDATA[Edito 2016]]> 01/01/2016 Hello everyone,

At the close of 2015, I applaud the improvement of the economic performance of the group. We will keep in mind everybody’s efforts, while focusing on the strengthening of our alignment behind a common vision of the future, the same set of rules of our business conduct, and the processes that sustain the execution of our strategy.

This performance is all the more remarkable given that we have faced some strong headwinds. China, Russia, India and Brazil, however, experienced downturns that impacted the group’s activity, whereas Europe did not pick up the slack, and North America suffered from a decrease in investments linked to drop in oil prices.

At the beginning of this New Year, I would like to express to you, my wish to lead Winoa successfully in its position of a committed partner towards its customers, by pursuing its efforts of investment, reducing its environmental footprint and looking for new avenues of growth to develop its know-how.

To all the collaborators of Winoa, without whom none of this would be possible, I wish you an excellent year, 2016.

Pierre Escolier
CEO ]]>
<![CDATA[Corrosion control on Steel Plant]]> 22/06/2015
Winoa company represented by CJSC "WA Kurgan" and LTD "Wheelabrator Allevard Ural" in conjunction with "Wheelabrator Group","GRACO" and "HEMPEL" acted as organizers.
Together they offer a comprehensive solution, the implementation of which contributes to the efficiency of resource using in the production of anticorrosion issues.
The three main processes: Cleaning, Preparation and Painting were considered as a single process from the point of view of production optimization and achieve the expected results.
Our regular customers represented by 25 companies delegated their experts involved in the implementation of anti-corrosion protection questions of the products to take part in the seminar.
The possibility of creating a "cluster": a joint customer technical support from design of equipment to obtain the final results depending on the tasks was discussed at the seminar for the first time.

<![CDATA[1th International Conference "Status and perspectives of application of protective coatings for equipment and facilities of Oil and Gas industry"]]> 20/04/2015 The 20th of March 2015 was held the 11th International Conference "Status and perspectives of application of protective coatings for equipment and facilities of Oil and Gas industry", with the participation of Nicolas Klimoff, Sales Director for key customers and Serguey Vorotynsky, Technical Director for the CIS (WA Ural), the topic of their presentation was «Tools for quality control of cleaning the pipe surface before coating - today and in the near future."

Representatives of oil companies, pipe plants and leading manufacturers of corrosion protection actively participated in the Conference.
Within the event the main issues were discussed and there was a sharing of experiences to improve the reliability and efficiency of the various facilities, equipment of Oil and Gas industry.
At the end of the Conference were taken the following decisions:
1. To unite the efforts of participants in the development of training programs and professional standards.
2. To involve the engineering agencies for discussing and development of standard documentation for the application of protective coatings in the Oil and Gas industry.
3. To provide an opportunity for open discussion of training programs, technical requirements, standards and other regulatory documents.
4. To raise the question of import substitution issues in the protective coatings production. ]]>
<![CDATA[Governors visit of WAK]]> 04/12/2014
The 2nd of December, the Governor of the Kurgan region Alexey Kokorin visited the plant of shots and grits production CJSC “WA Kurgan”, the branch of the French corporation “WINOA” - the world leader in this segment.

Alexey Kokorin met with representatives of the French corporation, who had come to Kurgan, he visited the plant workshops and laboratory where the product quality is evaluated. The head of the region noted that he was interested in continuing partnership with France and he would do its best to promote investment in the Urals.

-The President and the Government target a development of high-tech production and this plant is one of the examples for the future of the Kurgan region and for industrial production of the Russian Federation in general. We believed that the more similar productions in the region, dynamic and advanced development of the region, - said Alexey Kokorin.

Corporation “WINOA” supplies its products in more than 100 countries around the world, has more than 10 000 customers, including more than 600 - in Russia.

- We work with all the leading pipe manufacturers, our largest customer is Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant, part of our production is for the railway and for the preparation of the surface of metal structures – said the sales director of  "Wheelabrator Allevard Ural" Nicolas Klimoff.
Some plants of Kurgan region also use metal abrasives in their work. Among them, the customers of CJSC “WA Kurgan”, are CJSC “Kurganstalmost”, CJSC “Kurgan trailers”, JSC “AK” Korvet” and others. Steel shots are used in metallurgy and in automobile production. The French corporation also plans to produce the steel abrasives for the aviation industry.

The plant in Kurgan has the most modern equipment comparing with the plant in France, Slovenia and Spain - the best technologies have been collected here. We do not stop and, of course, we have projects to develop business in Russia, - said the Manager of Zone East Europe and Russia of «WINOA», Borut Zlebnik. 
CJSC "WA Kurgan" was opened in 2010, with production of about 400 tons of shots and grits per year. By the end of 2014 production capacity rose to 15 000 tons. In the next 2 years the plant's management plans to increase their production up to 20 000.

After visiting the production Alexey Kokorin had a meeting with the plant's management and proposed to participate in the meeting of the working group discussing the cost optimization of energy tariffs. 
- Regarding the electricity tariffs, we have to work on it together. Any production issues that relate to the competence of the Government, we are ready to examine it, - summed up the meeting, the head of the region.

The plant in Kurgan has the most modern equipment, as in the plants in France, Slovenia and Spain

<![CDATA[Metal Expo 2014]]> 11/11/2014 WA Kurgan and Wheelabrator Allevard Ural participated in the 20th edition of the international exhibition industry "Metal-Expo 2014" that was held from November 11 to 14 in the Russian Expo Center in Moscow.

Traditionally WA Kurgan promoted a range of products for various industries and gave customers required information on possibilities of innovative abrasives.
The specialists of all divisions of our company answered all technical and commercial questions of the visitors of our stand.

This year more than 200 people from 150 companies visited our stand. It was a pleasure to see our favorite customers visited our stand. With many of them we discussed current market trends and opportunities for further development of our company for more effective collaboration.

As in previous years, the exhibition has pleased a significant number of new customers and we received information about new projects from our customers that are moving the phase of realization.

Many thanks to all our partners for productive discussions about further cooperation.

We were glad to meet you and look forward to bing of all the ideas to life!]]>
<![CDATA[MARMOMACC 2014]]> 15/10/2014 Winoa Group attended to MARMOMACC exhibition in Verona Italy, the main worldwide event for the stone cutting. Winoa booth, in the project continuity, has reinforced the message of the W Abrasives branding and the new W Abrasives offer including the multipurpose pack for Granite (Cosmos Pack).

Among various products shown, the following ones stand out: Cosmos (for which it was possible to watch a demo of the benefits obtained with this system), Stelux for the slab sanding and obviously Granitium and Futura, our well known products worldwide.

Winoa commercial team had the opportunity to meet customers coming from all over the world: not just from Italy but also from Middle East, rest of Europe and especially from India.

Many of our customers were present in the exhibition with their own booth, showing wonderful slabs obtained thanks to the primary cutting done with W Abrasives grit (we remind among these Spanish and Brazilian customers).

During the fair we had the clear indication that  consumption of granite and ornamental stone in the world is still growing: the traditional cutting with steel  grit remains competitive in costs and maintains the capacity to cut in a more precise and advantageous way for the subsequent workings.]]>
<![CDATA[ICSP Goslar]]> 06/10/2014 The 12th International Conference on Shot Peening was held September 15-18, 2014, in Goslar, Germany.
The small world of Shot Peening was there with 200 attendees coming from industry (mainly aerospace) and universities of all over the world.

20 companies had a booth during the conference among which Winoa, Wheelabrator, Rösler, MIC, Sinto, Frohn,..
It was the opportunity for Winoa to present its new brochure for shot Peening and promote its shot Peening media :
  • SP Shot : Shot for aerospace market (AMS, DMR,...)
  • HRS : Hard Resilient Shot for Higher performance and cost reduction
  • UFS : Ultra Fine Shot for fine Peening
  • Stelux : Stainless Steel Shot for Peening of Stainless Steel and Non-ferrous parts

Next Conference will be held in 2017 in Montreal, Canada. ]]>

ANKIROS International Iron-Steel & Foundry Technology, Machinery and Products Trade Fair - the international exhibition on foundry and iron-steel industry - was held in Tuyap Fair & Congress Center, Istanbul from 11 to September 13, 2014.
The exhibition is called to satisfy the requirements of Turkish foundry industry, ranked as the 12th in the world and the 4th in Europe according to the production capacity and export statistics.

End of show report has not yet been published, but initial estimates are confirming that almost 900 exhibitors from 35 countries world-wide have joined the event, and some 15,000 visitors from all around the globe – Eurasian region being the lead - have visited the exhibition.

The developments of foundry related industry – automotive sector ahead – has created the need to upgrade existing production lines and put in place investments programs aimed to improve the technological level of the foundry sector.

With this in mind, WAbrasives and our local distributor Ekspert participated as an exhibitor at this year’s Ankiros Fair and to answer to the customers needs the team has presented a dedicated Premium product range for the foundry sector, the HPG range.]]>
<![CDATA[WA COST Simulator]]> 04/07/2014 Want to reduce your cutting cost ?

Our new technology, the WA COST Simulator will be presented on our Booth - Discover it during the Verona exhibition.

<![CDATA[METEF 2014]]> 27/06/2014
Winoa Group decided to participate for the first time to the Fair METEF 2014, held in Verona (Italy) from 11 to 13 June.

It's the tenth edition of an international exhibition dedicated to the aluminium industry and technological metals. It was visited by specialized operators (in particular, there took place the yearly meeting of an Italian association of Foundries) and it is a meeting point both for the main Companies of the metals industry and for the small and medium firms.

The occasion was good: we could present, in European preview, the new "branding concept" of WAbrasives. The movie "Five reasons to buy WAbrasives" and the one containing the new brands had a great success, together with the promotional videos in which two important Italian customers of our Group - Calvi Spa for the Stainium and TMB for the Stelux - testified the advantages they got in cooperating with Winoa.

Of course, in our stand you could find all our range of products for the surface finishing: traditional grits, Premium and special grits like Stelux and AMS.

During the Fair our colleagues, besides meetings hold with many customers, had the possibility to talk with the most important world manufacturers of blasting machines (attending the Fair with their own booths) to whom we suggested our products of the line "Premium" that, together with the technical support and the use of the WA Cost, permit to optimize the sandblasting costs of our common customers.

Winoa really thanks all the Companies met during the Metef for their availability: see you in 2016 !!! ]]>
<![CDATA[D-Day Memorial]]> 06/06/2014 The D-Day Memorial will see about 8,000 people for its 70th anniversary in June.
BEDFORD COUNTY, VA - Several businesses are helping make this weekend's D-Day anniversary events possible.

The premier sponsor is AREVA, and fly-over sponsors are Liberty University, Freedom Aviation, and Dynamic Aviation. Other sponsors include W Abrasives, BB&T, Financial Designs in Forest, Bankers Insurance, and Kirkley Hotel.

John Moore, the plant manager of Winoa says the company donated more than $50,000 over the years because of the significance of the site.


WSLS 10 NBC in Roanoke/Lynchburg Va

Copy Right WSLS10

<![CDATA[ACPC Consortium]]> 29/04/2014 The ACPC Consortium (Anti Corrosion for Pipes Coating) is a biannual event where all coating plants of ex-Soviet Union are invited.

This third seminar was organized by WINOA on January 28-29 in the Test Center of Le Cheylas (practice, plant tour, Innovation developments presentation) and at the Château des Comtes de Challes (theoretic).

The audience was composed of thirty participants: ten customers « Pipes Coaters » from Winoa Russia, Institute of Research and Normalization of GAZPROM-VNIIGAZ and Selmers, one of the first suppliers of complete coating lines for the Russian market, as well as seven Directors (General, Purchasing and Sales), Production Managers, Process and Quality Engineers – together 5000 tons of abrasives reunited.  

Four present companies: Vyksa Metallurgical Plant (VMZ – OMK Group), Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant Chelyabinsk (ChTPZ- ChTPZ Group), Volshsky Pipe Plant (VTZ – TMK Group), and Izhorsky Pipe Plant (ITZ – Severstal Group) are the main producers of “black pipes” with their integrated coating lines.

The other present companies are “Service providers”: they receive “black pipes” of different diameters and coat them after blasting.

The theoretical and practical aspects were developed by the Test Center of Le Cheylas (Yves Béret and his collaborators), by the Innovation (Joan Samuel’s team with Guillaume Léger and Claudiu Ionescu) and by the Russian team (Rimma Gallyamova, Andrey Bochkov, Sergei Vorotinsky, Pavel Teplykh and Nicolas Klimoff). The coordination at Le Cheylas was monitored by Maja Voiron.

Results :
  • W Abrasives specialists are recognized as the « Experts » in Surface Preparation
  • The Surfium (Product + Approach) was officially launched with the probing trials conducted at the Test Center. Year 2014 will be highlighted by the Surfium!
  • The « Cost of blasting” approach was understood and acknowledged
  • Different smart tools (Cleanliness, Dust) developed by the Innovation prove our « Uniqueness » and differentiate us from other abrasive suppliers.

Next appointment is made for the end of September 2014 in Timashevsk, Krasnodar region (just like 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi) for the fourth edition of the ACPC Consortium (focus on "Industrial trials").

Thanks to all who contributed to making this meeting of ex- Soviet Union Key Accounts a successful event!
<![CDATA[Edito 2014 - Pierre Escolier]]> 07/03/2014 Fresh impetus for Winoa

On 30 January 2014, a consortium headed by KKR Asset Management (KAM), associated with Davidson Kempner and Bennett, acquired Winoa from its previous owner, LBO France.

This acquisition has brought in new capital and enabled us to make a major reduction in our debt. We can look forward to speeding up our growth and developing new areas of expertise.

On the same day, it was with pride and enthusiasm that I took over as the new CEO of Winoa, the world’s leading producer of steel abrasives.

We are entering a new phase of our history, which I hope will be built even more on confidence and solid, long term partnerships. All our teams throughout the world are fully mobilised to make sure you can:
  • Work serenely and confidently with people who know you, thanks to our commercial teams operating in over 100 countries, under the banner of our global W Abrasives brand.
  • Improve the performance of your blasting operations and thus reduce your overall costs thanks to our training courses, our 5 test centres and their 26 technical experts throughout the world, as well as our Premium products.
  • Be certain that deliveries will arrive on time, everywhere in the world, thanks to our 14 production sites.
  • Work with a partner who shares your concerns. Quality, safety, the environment, innovation: these clear, transparent and uncompromising commitments are the result of our firm intention to be a responsible brand that is conscious of its role and duties.
  • Use W Abrasives products that offer the best value for money. The products and services of the W Abrasives brand meet extremely high quality criteria and are certified by recognised international organisations: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 180001, ISO 50001. This means you can count on consistent performance at all times, anywhere in the world.
  • Keep one step ahead in the field of abrasives, thanks to our investments in R&D and our new high value-added products, services and technologies. Phenics, for on-site treatment of large structures, is a fine example of our innovation that is enjoying promising development.
For our employees,  Winoa must be an employer of choice that offers attractive opportunities for personal fulfilment and career development. I am extremely fortunate to have such a solid, committed, creative team to work with.

With the support of our new investors and in collaboration with all our partners, we intend to consolidate and develop our positions and the know-how we have gained in order to move forward and reassert Winoa’s global leadership at the service of its customers.

Together, we will go even further!

Pierre Escolier
<![CDATA[IFEX 2014-10th International Exhibition on Foundry Technology, Equipment & Supplies]]> 19/02/2014 IFEX 2014-10th International Exhibition on Foundry Technology, Equipment & Supplies
February 7-9, 2014, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

The 10th International exhibition on foundry technology, equipment and supplies concurrent with 62ndIndian Foundry congress was held on 7th -9th February 2014 at Gandhi Nagar, Ahmedabad in Western India organized by The Institute of Indian Foundry men.

This Institute of Indian Foundry men (IIF) which was set up in 1950 to promote education, research, training and development to Indian foundry men and to serve as a nodal point of reference between the customers and suppliers of the Indian foundry industry on a global scale. With its Head Quarter in Kolkata, IIF presently services the entire country through its 26 Chapters under four Regional Branches located at Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai.
The Institute is a member of the World Foundry men Organization (WFO) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Winoa Abrasives India is having company membership of IIF.

The Expo was the biggest in the history of Indian Institute of Foundry men despite noticeable recession in foundry Industry. More than 300 exhibitors from India & Overseas (with the presence of German, Chinese, Italian Pavilion) have participated from Foundry  Plants & Installations , Electric Furnaces, Refractory’s , Die Casting machinery and plant , Shot blasting machine , Fettling installations , Grinding machine, Foundry Product suppliers to showcase their state of the art technologies and services to the very vibrant Indian foundry Industry  which is producing currently about 9 Million MT of castings.

Indian foundry Industry is 3rd largest casting producer after China (43Million MT) and the USA(13Million MT). The exhibition was ably supported by 62nd Indian foundry congress with more than 1400 registered delegates which was largest till date.

Winoa, and its worldwide brand W Abrasives,  has now strong foot hold in Indian foundry market supplying to more than 100 customers directly as well as through  4 strong & established distributor in foundry market such as Kolhapur (West), Shimoga (South), Punjab (North) & Kolkata (East) . W Abrasives is now considered as one of most reliable and major steel abrasives brand in Indian Foundry Industry and large size Automotive casting foundries such as Brakes India, Hinduja Foundries, Ghatge Patil Industries, Munjal Kiriu, Kiswok, Sound Casting.

Winoa India has set up 2 corner 30 Square meter stall as well as 4 registration in Indian foundry congress. The stall no C-01 in Hall no 2 at entry of W Abrasives was ther center of attraction for visitors with specially made twist tower for sample display.  

W Abrasives stall has attracted attention of almost 500 in 3 days, where many quality discussions were held with new key prospective customers such as DCM Engineering, L&T Foundries, Mahindra group Foundries, PSG Foundries, Amex Alloy, TATA Motor Foundries, JMP Industries, Kumar Exports,  WEG Industries,  Mahindra Farm division foundries etc from the foundry segment all over India. Some quality discussions took place with prospective distributors from different regions. The existing customers like Ghatge Patil, Brakes India, Ammarun Foundries, Sound Casting, Bright Castings, Kiswok, Shriram Pistons etc have also visited stall and showed keenness on usage of Grits/HPG etc.

The IFEX-2014 is likely to give strong foot hold to Winoa in Indian foundry market as well as W Abrasives brand positioning as market leader ship in Indian market.  
<![CDATA[Metal Expo 2013]]> 17/12/2013
The 19th edition of the international exhibition industry "Metal-Expo 2013 " was held from November 12 to 15 in the Russian Expo Center in Moscow.
More than 30 000 experts visited the Expo Center and more than 700 companies from 35 countries participated in the exhibition.
Traditionally JSC "WA Kurgan" promoted a range of products for various industries and gave customers required information on possibilities of innovative abrasives.

During the exhibition, new contacts and negotiations have emerged with key customers (Novye liteynie technologuii, Transmash Holding, Group GAZ, TVSZ, Vyksa, ТMK Neftegazservis, Tyajpromarmatura) and some prospects. The details of the work in 2014 were also discussed.

For 4 days our stand was visited by more than 100 experts from different countries and different regions of Russia. Among them, about 50 are our regular customers, as well as representatives of new businesses purchasing shot peening equipment.

Our participation in the exhibition reflects our strong position in the sector of surface preparation. We continue to develop and we can safely say that today in Russia W Abrasives became the reference standard for the steel abrasives industry, which is taken in account not only by customers but also by our competitors.
<![CDATA[Saudi Rebar Powder Coating Conference]]> 11/10/2013  

Saudi Rebar Powder Coating Conference ,29th till31st October 2013 

WINOA MEIA Zone continues it's annual customer training program:

This year Kovobrasiv, Mnisek  , Czech Republic, will host the second Saudi Rebar Powder Coating conference .

The first edition took place in Le Cheylas , France last year.

This year the event will be in collaboration with Jotun Powder Co and J.Wagner Powder Equipment.

Each company will organize a full day program , presenting the best practice and new technologies.

WINOA will present the latest technological developments in the blasting of rebar. This ground breaking development, consisting of a premium steel abrasive, designed and formulated specifically for the rebar industry, is presently undergoing preliminary trials at the WINOA Test Center in Le Cheylas, utilising samples of Saudi rebar for evaluation purposes.

WINOA (MEIA Zone) has further invested significant resources over the past three years developing a new concept of technical support specifically for rebar , to empower our customers serving the booming construction segment in the middle east.

This concept includes customized process/application oriented training programs in both South Africa and France.

For more information about this exciting development in the rebar industry in the Middle East, kindly contact :-

Yasir Elnager   

<![CDATA[Marmomacc - Verona Fair 2013]]> 04/10/2013
The world of marble and granite renewed also in 2013 his appointment in “Marmomacc“ Verona, Italy, for the most important exhibition of the year.

Winoa was present (we are a protagonist of the exhibition since the beginning) with a totally new booth, intended to send a message of innovation, technology and availability for any type of customer’s need.

A very open space, comfortable and welcoming customers for a visit, with the possibility to meet our worldwide sales force presenting new initiatives and new products.

Winoa was able to explain the success of many products:

COSMOS was presented with a new movie, performing an interview to a very satisfied Italian customer (Nuova Italiana, part of Formigari Group);

STELUX received good interest thanks to a new brochure, and to nice samples in elegant display;

• the new WACost program, especially prepared to compare granite gangsaws and Multiwire cutting cost, was introduced to our international agents in a special event in the Fair.

The answer of visitors has been positive, with good interest for the booth and informations provided.

Stone consumption is improving all over the world and –even is new technologies are growing- steel grit remains a relevant media to cut granite and other precious stones: this is one of messages forwarded by Verona.




Le Cheylas – May 30-31, 2013
Test Centre

From May 30th to May 31st, Winoa received and organized the working group BNF A 80 for railway standardization, treating the railway paint systems, under the aegis of the Office of Railway Standardization.  This meeting was especially dedicated to the revision of the NF F 19-223 standard, related to the axle protection. The working group consisted of contractors, paint suppliers and axle makers.

The SNCF (French national railways) has already worked with Winoa in the past on surface preparation (car renovation) and shot peening on the wheels.

It was for Winoa an opportunity to introduce our new products and services in the context of surface preparation and shot peening, and to present our European Test Centers, their services, products and tools.

The idea of the partnership with SNCF is to help their suppliers to better characterize blasting process on their pieces (especially wheel axles), to validate all blasting parameters in the context of an investment or process optimization, and to meet the SNCF specifications.

The commission was composed of about twenty people coming from different societies such as AEF (SNCF equipment management lab), CIM (SNCF equipment engineering centre), Alstom, Becker, Bombardier, CAF, Lucchini, Mäder, Valdune and Wilburger.
May 30th, the day of Winoa’s intervention, was dedicated to the awareness to blasting. The invitees were presented with our products, services and projects related to innovation, followed by the plant tour, which was much appreciated. On the following day, Winoa met at the disposition of our guests all facilities needed to hold the meeting of the working group.

Once again Winoa reestablished the strong ties with the rail industry, and this approach was much appreciated by our customer, the SNCF.
<![CDATA[Certification - ISO 50 001]]> 29/07/2013
For many years Winoa France has been engaged in a process of constant
improvement of its Quality, Security and Environment performances.

As an electricity-intensive group, managing its energetic performance has always been at the core of Winoa.

To reach this goal an ISO 50 001 process has been launched. On July 5, thanks to the efforts of all, the certification was obtained. Winoa becomes the first certified electricity-intensive group in France. ]]>
<![CDATA[International exhibition industry "The Metallurgy. The Foundry 2013"]]> 12/07/2013
The 14th edition of the international exhibition industry "The Metallurgy. The Foundry 2013 " was held from June 25 to 28 in the Expo Center in Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow.

A range of technology sectors Foundry, Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering (production of iron, steel, rolled steel, non-ferrous metal, aluminum, etc.) was promoted in the Expo Center.
The participants of the exhibition highlight the importance of this event as many qualified specialists, experts in different fields (metallurgy, foundry, energy, fossil fuels, oil and gas, mechanical engineering) come to Moscow at this time.

Some factory workers WA Kurgan and Wheelabrator Allevard Ural attended this exhibition in the colors of W Abrasives. They were able to give customers required information on a range of products (shots and grits) and future projects of the Group. More than 150 experts from around the world visited the stand among these visitors, 50 regular customers, more than 30 people are factory representatives with whom the Group is already working closely together.

Participation in this event has created real opportunities, new contacts and negotiations have emerged with key customers. This was also an opportunity to exchange experience and strengthen our relationships with active and potential suppliers in the world of surface preparation.

This exhibition took place simultaneously with another 2 exhibitions “Boiler. Russia 2013” “Oil. Gas 2013” with more than 300 exhibitors which provided a synergistic effect.

<![CDATA[IFEX INDIA (Kolkata) – 27-29 January, 2013]]> 18/02/2013
The 9th International exhibition on foundry technology , equipment and supplies concurrent with 61st Indian Foundry congress was held on 27-29 January at Kolkata in Eastern India organized by The Institute of Indian Foundry men which is incidentally headquartered in Kolkata only. Kolkata is State capital of West Bengal and largest cosmopolitan in Eastern India. Kolkata and West Bengal is known for its foundry market in Eastern India.

The Institute of Indian Foundry men (IIF) was set up in 1950 to promote education, research, training and development to Indian foundry men and to serve as a nodal point of reference between the customers and suppliers of the Indian foundry industry on a global scale. With its Head Quarter in Kolkata, IIF presently services the entire country through its 26 Chapters under four Regional Branches located at Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai.

The Institute is a member of the World Foundry men Organisation (WFO) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Winoa India is also having company membership of IIF and attended this exhibition through the brand W Abrasives, with a 2 corner 27 Square meter  stall no A-37.

In the Expo almost 180 exhibitors from India & Overseas have participated from Foundry  Plants & Installations , Electric Furnaces, Refractory’s , Die Casting machinery and plant , Shot blasting machine , Fettling installations , Grinding machine, Foundry Product suppliers to showcase their state of the art technologies and services to the very vibrant Indian foundry Industry  which is producing currently about 7 Million MT of castings.

Winoa has emerged as major reliable steel shots supplier in Indian Foundry Industry.

W Abrasives booth was centre of attraction for visitors with specially made twist tower for sample display. It has attracted quality discussions with few key customers and prospective buyers from Foundry segment in Eastern India. The IFEX is likely to give basic foot hold to Winoa in Eastern India foundry market and also an opportunity to promote Steel Grits in niche Foundry market from traditional bigger size steel shots.

<![CDATA[San Antonio, TX-SSPC Greencoat Show 2013]]> 20/01/2013
From January 15 to January 17, W Abrasives North America exhibited at the SSPC Greencoat Show in San Antonio, TX. 

This show is dedicated to the protective, marine and industrial coatings industry.  It was an excellent show and a perfect opportunity to connect with some of our current customers, distributors, vendors we compliment, and potential customers and communicate W Abrasives solutions.  
Many attendees inquired about W Abrasives products and offerings throughout the three day event with a number of good leads for future relationships.  Just as we promoted last year, Profilium was prominent in our booth with a stand up banner promoting the advantages of cleaning with our premium solution. 

SSPC 2013 was another success and we very much look forward to following up with the contacts we made at the show and joining them in their operations and surface preparation solutions.

Thank you to all of the attendees that stopped by the booth for the opportunity to discuss the advantages of working with an excellent team at W Abrasives.
<![CDATA[MARMOMACC 2012]]> 05/10/2012 At the end of September,  in Verona (Italy), took place the usual exhibition MARMOMACC. It is one of the most important exhibition in the world devoted to granite and to its processing, and the Winoa Group is attending since the very first edition.

The booth, wide and welcoming with central position, was put as a meeting place for the numerous customers of the Group, from Italy and from all over the world,  who had the opportunity to discover  the recent news proposed by Winoa Group in the stone sector. Special attention was given to Cosmos (granite sawing system with fine grit, allowing to increase the gang saw productivity decreasing the sawing cost) and Stelux (stainless steel shots  for granite slabs blasting).

For all the visitors MARMOMACC was the chance to see new granites extracted and processed all over the world: a fantasy of colors and designs. Going around all the booth it was, for us of Winoa Group, a source of pride to think that more than 50% of those materials are processed with grit of our production. ]]>
<![CDATA[A3TS Congress]]> 29/06/2012 A3TS Congress 2012
The 40th A3TS (Association des Traitements Thermiques et Traitements de Surface) Congress and Exhibition has been held in Grenoble, France, during two days, June 6 & 7 2012.

Held every year, A3TS event gather key players in the fields of materials, thermal and surface treatments. This Exhibition is a good opportunity for industrial actors to meet, present their work and initiate or reinforce collaborations.

Winoa had a booth and presented its latest innovations.
Stand W Abrasives A3TS 2012

NanoPeening®, a new patented solution for reinforcing metallic surfaces. This technology can significantly improve the properties of metallic surfaces through a mechanical treatment by providing an exceptional combination of hardness, mechanical strength and improved chemical properties.

HRS (Hard Resilient Shot), a new shot peening solution. This innovative shot peening media is able to increase peening treatment productivity and prepare future peening treatment methods with the possibility of blasting extremely hard materials.

UFS (Ultra-Fine Shots), a ultra-fine and cost efficient steel shot, dedicated to precise and fine shot peening applications. These ultra-fine shots allow the mechanical reinforcement of small and complex shapes while respecting their surface integrity, a high peening efficiency and cost effectiveness due to a high lifetime.

It was a very good opportunity for Winoa to present its innovation results to customers and to strengthen its relationships with its current partners.

Contact: axel.delavernhe@winoagroup.com
<![CDATA[Metalcasting Congress 2012]]> 07/06/2012 Metalcasting Congress 2012

This is the largest annual event in North America for the metalcasting industry.  Combining an exhibition of industry suppliers with technical, management and research presentations from the foremost experts around the world, this year’s 116th Congress showcases the latest advancements in metalcasting.

This year the event was held in Columbus, OH (last year was Schaumberg, IL, AFS headquarters) and like last year was not a large show but resulted in some excellent exposure for Winoa, USA.  Most of the visitors were from the Ohio area with a handful coming from the Midwest.  There are a good number of opportunities to expand on from conversations had with potential customers at the show.  We very much look forward to engaging these customers in the very near future and together, coming up with solutions for their cleaning procedures.  We also were able to enjoy some time with many of our partners throughout the week.

The exposure this year at Metalcasting Congress is a great lead up to next years Cast Expo in St. Louis, MO.  This is the largest show for casting in North America and runs every three years.  We will take the experience from this years Congress and move into next years Cast Expo with greater exposure.
<![CDATA[TFM certification]]> 13/04/2012 In 2007, Talleres Fabio Murga of Spain became the first company in the Winoa group to receive OHSAS certification. In 2010, it was ranked fourth out of a total of 24,000 companies for its excellent health and safety management record!
This public recognition simply reinforced TFM’s fundamental principles:
  • safety: no activity is to begin until identified risks have been eliminated or brought under control,
  • quality: activity will not be resumed if the product is not at its standard quality level,
  • productivity: once safety and quality are guaranteed, Talleres Fabio Murga works to improve productivity.
Download the certification
<![CDATA[Le Cheylas Certification]]> 22/03/2012 The industrial plant of Le Cheylas successfully renewed its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates in February 2012.

The respect of the environment plays an integral part in our culture, that’s why we have to constantly limit the negative impacts linked with our activity, with the respect to laws and regulations and with a continuous effort to improve our performances.
The investments which have been made in the last few years allow us to face new perspectives of improvement and development.
One of our major concerns is also to ensure a healthy work environment for all people present on the industrial site. As a consequence we have quite naturally decided to implement a system of integrated management - QSE (Quality/Environment/Health&Security).

That is why we were successful in obtaining the BS OHSAS 18001 certificate (health&security) in February 2012.

The fact we obtained the certificate is not the final goal. We can’t take things for granted. All actors should employ the procedures in the daily routine in order to gain confidence of our customers. ]]>
<![CDATA[WA Kurgan gets its certification ISO 9001 ]]> 13/03/2012 This recognition of the management quality has been achieved through strong involvement of the plant’s executives and the leadership of its internal Auditors.
In all, 10 people were trained in ISO procedures devoting much of their time and energy to make the first quality management system
The WA Kurgan sales team also contributed to the development and follow-up of the customer satisfaction procedures.

The next challenge for the WA Kurgan team will be obtaining ISO 14000, (environmental certification) and OHSAS 18000 which is a certification standard related to working conditions and security.
Download WA Kurgan Certification ]]>