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PaintSquare WA Clean Technology designated Product of the Year in the Surface Preparation Category by PaintSquare! Developed by our engineers 4 years ago, the WA Clean technology evolved and grew!   Recently accredited by the International Organization for Standardization... Why use Round Steel Shot for your surface preparation? Why use Round Steel Shot for your surface preparation? We often hear that it is dangerous to use grit in a Wheelblast machine. It seems that the grit would destroy the equipment and the life of the turbines. However, we... The blast cabinet The blast cabinet Seemingly the lowest maintenance area of a blast machine, the blast cabinet actually requires considerable care to maintain its integrity and prevent safety hazards. ... My innovation with WA W Abrasives adds grit to its stainless range: Stelux CG Its intrinsic characteristic, coupled with the excellent value for money settle the STELUX products as the best option for cleaning, deburring or surface preparation... My success story with WA Success Story of Bredero Shaw, Malaysia Bredero Shaw is a division of ShawCor Ltd., a growth oriented, global energy services company specializing in technology-based products and services for the pipeline... WA CLEAN My Innovation with WA WA CLEAN your exclusive measuring device! WA CLEAN your exclusive measuring device!            A technology developed by W Abrasives to facilitate the application... Surfium My Innovation with WA For coating lifetime enfacement, choose the premium product Surfium SURFIUM a premium W Abrasives product for coating lifetime enfacement.   Since mid – 2014, W Abrasives developed a turnkey solution called Surf...
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