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Tuesday 13 april 2021 - 10:14

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PaintSquare WA Clean Technology designated Product of the Year in the Surface Preparation Category by PaintSquare! Developed by our engineers 4 years ago, the WA Clean technology evolved and grew!   Recently accredited by the International Organization for Standardization... WA Clean technology gets ISO Committee approval! My Innovation with W Abrasives WA Clean technology gets ISO Committee approval! WA Clean is an exclusive technology developed by W Abrasives. This tool allows everyone to measure its cleanliness, thanks to a colorimetry process. The incredible... Surface cleanliness measurement tool My Services and Solutions with WA Wa Clean, surface cleanliness measurement tool Some relevant technical magazines such as MFN, relay and highlight the Winoa’s technologies and know how : >> Download the MFN article ... Pipeline Coating Conference 2017, Vienna Breaking News With WA Pipeline Coating Conference 2017 in Vienna The Pipeline Coating Conference was held in Vienna, from 15th to 16th February 2017.    This conference is one of the two major international events... WA CLEAN My Innovation with WA WA CLEAN your exclusive measuring device! WA CLEAN your exclusive measuring device!            A technology developed by W Abrasives to facilitate the application... Winoa Technologies My Innovation with W Abrasives Discover the new W Abrasives technologies The blasting process is well known for surface cleaning and surface preparation due to its high efficiency and major enhancement of surface properties before coating:...
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