As the world market leader in steel shot and grit, W Abrasives is pleased to participate to the 13th International Conference on Shot Peening. 
During these three exhibit days, the W Abrasives team will be presenting the complete line of surface enhancement solutions including high carbon steel shots, cut wire, stainless steel products and ultra-fine shots.
The W Abrasives large spectrum of media offering includes solutions for the Automotive, Aerospace, Spring and many other markets.
In addition to meet the most common SAE standards (J827, J441...), the W Abrasives  products can meet the VDFI 8001, AMS 2431/1, 2, 3, 4 and 8, DMR 71-110 (Safran Group) standards, to name a few...
The W Abrasives team will also take the opportunity to present an "ultra fine shot" in the order of 70-100µm used for the peening of small parts such as gears or valve springs. 
With its expertise, world wide availability, innovations and product performances, W Abrasives will be able to optimize all your shot peening applications.

We look forward to seeing you there on our booth #5!
Hotel Delta Montreal
475, President-Kennedy Avenue
Montreal, H3a 1j7 Canada
SEPT 18th to 21th 2017