Marmomacc 2016 – one of the most important stone fair worldwide - was held in Verona from September 28th to October 1st. 
Our MEIA team members and colleagues from the Italian team attended the fair as visitors. The team got the opportunity to visit the stands of our world-wide clients discussing operational topics and sharing views on the market situation and future trends, driven by the development of alternative cutting technologies.
Technology limitations and cost of new cutting technologies make the use of traditional gang saws still economical and cost effective, and some companies are still installing second hand gang saws, as confirmed during the Fair.
In this context, Winoa role is to keep on providing the world-wide re-known service level and its consultancy approach tailored on clients’ specific needs, both key success factors to support our clients in the challenging ahead
Black granites are still trendy and this is the segment where most of our Indian clients are currently active.
We noticed a better and less gloomy mood in some of our clients in India, and this is auspicious for the year to come.
Saudi Arabia, one of the major granite market, is still affected by the slow-down in local construction sector and the cut in budget expenditure: new budget expected to be released in December will let us understand whether some funds will be diverted to the mega projects that have been driven the growth of granite cutting industry in the country in those last years.
This fair is the right place to get an idea of the business opportunities.