In January 2017, W Abrasives participated in the 13th edition of SteelFab Exhibition, held from January 16th-19th at Sharjah Expo Center, UAE. The show featured over 300 exhibitors including Abrasives Manufacturers & Distributors, Blasting Machine Manufacturers, Steel Fabrication and Process Equipment Companies. 
SteelFab 2017 allowed WINOA and its brand to strengthen their presence in a market which is driven by the Dubai 2020 Expo, Oil & Gas Developments and Construction Activity and to remind that W Abrasives is a key player to the abrasive world.
W Abrasives’ focus was on Surface Preparation and Foundry Application. Two technical seminars were delivered at the exhibition seminar hall, to promote the premium approach of W Abrasives brand and to show benefits of steel abrasives over expendable abrasives. Both of which had an attendance of over 30 people.
From left to right, Oscar Mascarenhas, Fabio Lombardi, Sunil Sequeira, Michele De La Gente, Joan Samuel & Yasir Elnager
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