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STONA 2016 – the 12th International Granite and Stone Fair took place in Bangalore, India from 3-6 February 2016.

Organised by the Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry (FIGSI), visitors from all over the world attended what is considered to be one of the most important fairs in the natural stone, machinery and processing equipment sector. The country’s unique range of colourful stones were on display, at an event that also showcased the host companies’ manufacturing equipment and stone cutting and processing technology.
This year’s edition reflected the changing trends in the fashion and colours of interior decoration, and current preferences for the light veined stones and splendid patchworks of nicely coordinated colours. These sophisticated new surfaces create a demand for all kinds of niche products. There was a strong presence from the funeral industry, with a range of original headstones. This busy event is the place to be for exhibitors in search of opportunities or a new deal.  

Our MEIA team and sales networks presented a complete range of solutions designed to optimise our customers’ stone cutting operations. The Winoa Group is recognised as a world leader offering services locally, and our customers gladly stopped by to have a chat and meet the team.

We were able demonstrate the benefits of sawing with fine abrasives thanks to our simulation tools, and several appointments were taken for trials over the course of the year ahead.
We have been orientating our hard granite transformation customers towards our "Granitium" Premium product and some key players were impressed by the performance levels demonstrated.
This year has seen a slow-down in interest for Multiwire machines, and there were fewer installations of new machines and a preference to work with traditional frames.
We took plenty of positives out of this four-day event, notably the availability of new raw material sources that could drive marketing and promotional activities outside the country, raising hopes for potential future developments in the natural stone sector.
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