Metalcasting Congress 2012

This is the largest annual event in North America for the metalcasting industry.  Combining an exhibition of industry suppliers with technical, management and research presentations from the foremost experts around the world, this year’s 116th Congress showcases the latest advancements in metalcasting.

This year the event was held in Columbus, OH (last year was Schaumberg, IL, AFS headquarters) and like last year was not a large show but resulted in some excellent exposure for Winoa, USA.  Most of the visitors were from the Ohio area with a handful coming from the Midwest.  There are a good number of opportunities to expand on from conversations had with potential customers at the show.  We very much look forward to engaging these customers in the very near future and together, coming up with solutions for their cleaning procedures.  We also were able to enjoy some time with many of our partners throughout the week.

The exposure this year at Metalcasting Congress is a great lead up to next years Cast Expo in St. Louis, MO.  This is the largest show for casting in North America and runs every three years.  We will take the experience from this years Congress and move into next years Cast Expo with greater exposure.