Saudi Rebar Powder Coating Conference ,29th till31st October 2013 

WINOA MEIA Zone continues it's annual customer training program:

This year Kovobrasiv, Mnisek  , Czech Republic, will host the second Saudi Rebar Powder Coating conference .

The first edition took place in Le Cheylas , France last year.

This year the event will be in collaboration with Jotun Powder Co and J.Wagner Powder Equipment.

Each company will organize a full day program , presenting the best practice and new technologies.

WINOA will present the latest technological developments in the blasting of rebar. This ground breaking development, consisting of a premium steel abrasive, designed and formulated specifically for the rebar industry, is presently undergoing preliminary trials at the WINOA Test Center in Le Cheylas, utilising samples of Saudi rebar for evaluation purposes.

WINOA (MEIA Zone) has further invested significant resources over the past three years developing a new concept of technical support specifically for rebar , to empower our customers serving the booming construction segment in the middle east.

This concept includes customized process/application oriented training programs in both South Africa and France.

For more information about this exciting development in the rebar industry in the Middle East, kindly contact :-

Yasir Elnager