A bespoke W Abrasives webinar for Jindal SAW Ltd.: continuously innovating client support

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The meeting between 2 leaders on their own markets

Jindal SAW Ltd. is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pipes that are primarily used for the transportation of oil, gas and water in major on-shore and off-shore projects around the world. The company also provides additional value-added services such as the specialized internal and external anti-corrosion coating of pipes, the adhesion of which is dependent on the prior surface preparation and level of surface cleanliness of the pipe.
It is within this context that the collaboration between Jindal SAW Ltd. and Winoa was established two decades ago and continues to develop today. As a world leader for steel abrasives, Winoa is uniquely positioned to supply not only the widest range and highest quality of blasting abrasive, but also the knowledge and expertise – W Care services - to guide the client towards the ideal type, size, shape and hardness to ensure an optimal surface preparation. The complementary services, technology and support that are also available, render Winoa a recognized and trusted solution provider.

More than a customer/supplier relationship

We view Winoa, not as a supplier, but as a partner

explains Mr Ankur Agnihotri, Senior Manager at Jindal SAW Ltd. 

In addition to supplying the vast majority of our blasting abrasive needs, W Abrasives has always provided us with excellent support and extensive expert feedback whenever Jindal SAW has required new surface preparation solutions. For instance, two years ago, Jindal SAW started coating stainless steel pipes and Winoa advised using STELUX® as the blasting material which is now sourced exclusively from Winoa.”

A webinar to highlight technologies and innovation

When questions arose at Jindal SAW Ltd., concerning the surface preparation and resulting cleanliness of pipes within their plants, Winoa was contacted directly, and a bespoke webinar was organized within 72 hours of the initial request. The webinar, held on the 28th May 2021, comprehensively covered the different types of abrasive available and pertinent for Jindal SAW Ltd. as well as a presentation of the innovative WA Clean device – a patented technology for the objective quantification of surface cleanliness.



As a technology-oriented company, there was strong interest in and support for the webinar from all levels of Jindal SAW Ltd. Key technical experts, such as Mr. S. Karthikeyan , Mr. A. Gupta, Mr. R. Singh and Mr. N.K. Jain, participated in the webinar, in addition to approximately 15 key team members from the four different manufacturing plants involved in pipe coating, located in the North (Kosi Kalan, Uttar Pradesh), South (Bellary, Karnataka) and West (Samaghogha/Nanakpaya in Mundra, Gujarat) of India. 

Beyond the coordinated distribution of information across plants in different areas of the country, the webinar also presented the valuable opportunity for questions to be asked specifically related to the working environment of Jindal SAW Ltd. Significant time was dedicated to this aspect of the webinar and the involvement of a number of different representatives from W Abrasives, including Mr. Pierre Coste (Walue Manager), Mr. Claudiu Ionescu (Product Manager, responsible for the development of WA Clean) and Mr. Vineet Wahi and Mr. Amrendra Kumar (respectively, Sales Director and Director for India), ensured that the answers and explanations provided were both comprehensive and multifaceted. 

What results for both parties?
The webinar was extremely informative and also highly interactive, it confirmed, once again, the many benefits of collaborating with Winoa Group” explains Mr. Agnihotri. “I would like to see this type of webinar repeated every quarter to ensure that Jindal SAW is fully informed about any new product development and to provide a regular opportunity to exchange.”

For Winoa, the extensive discussions that took place within the webinar enabled a clarification, both in depth and detail, of the objectives of Jindal SAW Ltd, thereby empowering Winoa to better guide their client towards the most pertinent solutions to achieve an optimization of each process. More generally, the issues raised within the webinar validate the direction of research currently being undertaken by Winoa Group for the development of future technology, particularly related to the level of dust. 


For W Abrasives, the take-home message from this webinar is that our company is recognized as a Solution Provider by Jindal SAW – a major and global multi-billion dollar, multi-location company,” says Amrendra Kumar, W Abrasives Director for India. 

Further the successful webinar 
Though the webinar was concluded after all questions had been answered, developments are ongoing. In particular, on-site measurements and demonstrations of the WA Clean device will be carried out as soon as the current travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 health crisis are lifted, such that the applicability, usability and value of the device can be confirmed by Jindal SAW Ltd, placing them ahead of competitors in the adoption of a device that is expected to become the new global standard for cleanliness within the industry.
Longer term, the company is now equipped with an up-to-date overview of the most pertinent solutions available in terms of products, services and technology, to optimize their specific processes.
The evident success of the webinar, demonstrated by the speed at which it could be organized, the level of participation and the valuable information acquired both by Jindal SAW Ltd. and Winoa, confirms the desire of W Abrasives to extend this initiative amongst clients worldwide, thus continuing the innovation and improvement of the client support provided by Winoa Group.

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