W Abrasives actively support the aerospace industry working with key manufacturers to obtain optimum Shot peening effect while protecting the aspect of the parts.


W Abrasives solution

With the creation of dedicated products, equipment and services, W Abrasives offers solutions for each part of the airplane while respecting strict compliance with all aerospace standards:

  • AMS 2431 Peening Media, General Requirements
  • AMS 2431/1 Cast Steel Shot, ASR, Regular Hardness (45 to 52 HRC)
  • AMS 2431/2 Cast Steel Shot, ASH, High Hardness (55 to 62 HRC)
  • DMR 71-110 (Safran group)
  • ABP 1-2028 (Airbus)
  • BAC 5730 (Boeing)
  • Other proprietary specifications

SP SHOT is our high high-carbon steel shot, specifically selected for its shape, density and hardness. Thanks to our product you will be able to:

  • Increase life cycles of components by 200% up to 1400% or more: engine parts, landing gear, wings, structural parts, transmission components…
  • Correct the shape of components: Leading edges, wing structures or skins, fuselage…

Performances vs.standard carbon cast steel shot

  • Narrower particle size distribution
  • Better shape compared to standard cast steel shot
  • Less internal defects
  • Tighter controls

W Abrasives Peening offer for Aerospace Industry


As a world leader in its market, W Abrasives provides unrivaled expertise in the products, services and technologies dedicated to Shot Peening. Shot Peening is a high value activity, the most technical one among metallic abrasives applications. This is why W Abrasives’ expertise and know-how are key factors for success in reaching this application’s high level of requirement.





Cast steel shot for aerospace Peening and Peen Forming

SP SHOT is a cast steel shot for peening or peen forming operations, designed to meet the strict requirements of aerospace and military industries (AMS standards, as well as many other proprietary specifications).
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Aicraft engine parts – Landing gear – Aicraft wings – Aircraft structural parts – Transmission components


Quality & Services

W Abrasives aims to offer customers higher value added by supplying them with a high-quality product and related technical services provided by skilled sales teams benefiting from support from experts, the test and training centers, exclusive methods and resources for measuring the efficiency of the blasting processes used:



  • Consistency of hardness and particle size
  • Enhance performance of the treated parts
  • Optimize shape of components

Support services

  • Calculation and optimisation of blasting process costs
  • On-site team training
  • Technical support & consulting services

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