W Abrasives actively support the Oil & Gas industry working with key manufacturers of the market. Steel abrasives play a key role in the production processes of energy equipment, especially for pipelines.


W Abrasives solution

With the creation of dedicated products, equipment and services, W Abrasives offers solutions for oil & gas market. For example, Profilium is a high performance alternative to expendable or even standard metallic abrasives commonly used in surface preparation for the pipelines, both in terms of efficiency and surface quality. Most of our customers use this dedicated Premium product to increase their efficiency and reduce their blasting cost at the same time.

We offer exclusive solutions for pipelines, not only for preparing application (Profilium, WGRIT) but also for Cleaning application (W SHOT):



W Abrasives offer for Preparing and Cleaning application


As a world leader in its market, W Abrasives provides unrivaled expertise in the products, services and technologies dedicated to Surface Preparation. Surface Preparation before coating and painting works are major stakes for which W Abrasives contributes its added value for pipelines.

W Abrasives also provides unrivaled expertise in the products, services and technologies dedicated to cleaning. Descaling works are major applications for which W Abrasives contributes its added value with WSHOT products.



Preparing offer

Premium Series


Ready-to-use operating mix for surface preparation in air-blasting

PROFILIUM® is very hard steel grit, developed specially for air blasting applications. As the grain size distribution of the new product is that of a ready-to-use operating mix, the frequency and quantity of abrasive additions will have little or no effect on the profile result: a constant surface profile is obtained. In terms of efficiency, PROFILIUM® has no rival on the market. 

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Standard Series



A cast steel angular grit is produced by crushing specially heat treated oversize shot pellets. It is utilised for blast cleaning or surface preparation.

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Cleaning offer

Standard Series


Quenched and tempered, it is a spherical product of hypereutectoid steel (C ≥ 0,85%). Perfectly controlled heat treatments provide it with optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue. This type of shot is used in all applications where the desired effect is for mass and maximum bounce as well as for shot peening.

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Quality & Services

W Abrasives aims to offer customers higher value added by supplying them with a high-quality product and related technical services provided by skilled sales teams benefiting from support from experts, the test and training centres, exclusive methods and resources for measuring the efficiency of the blasting processes used:



  • Optimal surface profile for an improved coating adhesion
  • Low conductivity for a minimal surface contamination
  • Sustainable performances thanks to the high Stability of the operating mixture

Support services

  • Calculation and optimisation of blasting process costs
  • On-site team training
  • Technical support & consulting services