W Care goes digital: discover how we provide remote consulting services

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It’s no secret, covid crisis has highly impacted the way we work and provide services. However, as a solid service partner, Winoa experts have found a way to still be close to their customers: through digital meeting; but not in the way we already know…
Say goodbye to your meeting room and your comfortable chair, the customer is the key player in our remote consulting service just as they are in the field! 

How does it work concretely? 

Case study: 

One of our customers, a leading manufacturer in the steel industry, based in The Middle East was facing an abrasive consumption issue using standard cast steel round shot and GL Grit on their wheelblast machine. Following a call with its Winoa local contact, a virtual meeting was scheduled between W Care experts and the customer on their site. The customer was guided all along the meeting and was asked to show some parts of the machine with his smartphone. “What are inside those drums?”, “Show me the abrasive curtain”, “Go to the air separator”: experts examined every little detail while identifying what was wrong in the process.

The balance sheet was drawn quickly, and experts were able to determine the reasons for high consumption. One was related to leakages, and the other was due to abrasives being lost to dust collector. There were lots of abrasive leakages on the machine, mainly from the wheel feeding valve, even if the lost media was re-introduced in the machine, the process was neither constant, nor regular. As explained to the customer, the right process is to always maintain a constant level of abrasives in the hopper, either by reintroducing the spent media or by adding new media in the machine.

Moreover, the safety mesh on top of the air separator was clogged causing some of the abrasives to fall into the waste bin.

All these problems were discovered during this period of virtual counseling, Highlighting the importance of regular preventive maintenance, given that there are self-destructive machines!

Following this virtual visit, a detailed technical report including simple and effective solutions was offered to the customer: adjust the operation, fix the leakages issues and let’s run a trial with a Premium product that is simpler to use, provides lower consumption and is easy on the machine wear and tear. This W Abrasives’ Premium media, called Hybrid Shot, is a shot-grit blend which has low hardness and provides high blast cleaning efficiency.

A part of the report sent to the customer 

The result will be lower abrasive consumption, reduced blast machine wear and future shot leakage. Every Premium product offer includes an on-site technical assistance allowing our W Care expert to set the right machine parameters.

In the end, thanks to this digital meeting between France and Middle East, the customer was able to discover the real reasons of his consumption problem and set an optimized blasting process… All in only one hour!

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our service offering and optimize your blasting process in a snap!

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