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Trial in our Test Center with no limits. Seize the opportunity and reap the benefits!

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Over and again customers have declined our offer to conduct trials, despite it being one of the fundamental steps in the Premium ‘7 Steps’ method. Over and again we have had to explain to customers that doing a trial is an opportunity for foreseeing problems and being sure to choose the right process. Conducting trials in one of the group’s six Test Centers is the right path to success. At Winoa, we encourage our customers to choose that path!
Many customers imagine that it is a very time-consuming process, but the cost of trials compared with the return on investment is incomparable given the consequences of choosing an unsuitable blasting process. Conducting a trial at Winoa is the best way to remove any doubts and understand how to get the process right.

Would you buy a car without having a test drive? The aim is to find the solution that suits your needs! - At Winoa you can test, try the product, simulate a blasting operation in real time and assess costs without any risks. All you have to do is listen and compare, and then choose the solution that’s right for you. 

Come and test your abrasive application and make sure it meets your requirements!

How? We make equipment, technology, skills and technical experts available to you: all the decisive elements for choosing a new machine or a new process.

As part of our communication with customers, Winoa makes trials accessible to all, aiming to help them make the most productive and profitable decision for their blasting operations. 
We hope we’ve made it clear: customer satisfaction is Winoa’s priority. And so that everyone, wherever they may be, can conduct trials, we have decided to use a simple but appealing method: clear, concrete and practical.

If you would like, Winoa’s technical experts or sales representatives can comment the trial live for you.

The trial on the video is a demonstration for information purposes only. Of course all our customer trials remain confidential and are never broadcasted publicly.

Winoa has entered the digital age, putting cutting-edge technologies at your service with this virtual video trial.  This gives customers who are unavailable, or too far from one of our testing centres, the possibility to access our dedicated Premium service. Everyone can benefit from trials, either in one of our sites or by watching the video.
Of course, Winoa will always recommend on-site trials in the customer’s presence. Customer trials are a professional and sociable, not to mention effective way of dealing with a problem in real time. This is the ideal way to provide our customer with the best opportunity to find a solution that is immediately operational.

Don’t hesitate any longer. Contact Winoa now about our trial service. Join us in one of our six testing centers and conduct a trial.

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