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Why Metal Coating Industries (MCI) choosed Surfium ?

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Interview MCI (Sunil Sequeira's Customer)
Interview with Mr. Ayman Tannourah (AT), Plant Operations Manager, MCI by Sunil Sequeira (SS), Regional Sales Manager, WINOA MEA
SS:  Mr. Tannourah, thank you for devoting time to this interview.  Please can you introduce yourself to our readers.
AT:  My name is Ayman Tannourah.  I am the Plant Operations Manager of Metal Coating Industries (MCI), Abu Dhabi, and have been with this company for the last 22 years
SS:  What are the main activities of MCI?
AT:  MCI is a Specialist Surface Technology company providing surface finishing for all metals and mainly focusing on specific market segments such as construction, protective, decorative, architectural and industrial applications and coatings

SS:  Since when have you been using WAbrasives products and what has been your experience with these products?

AT:  MCI started using WAbrasives products since inception of the plant in1994.  We were using a 50:50 mix of GL25 & GL40.  We were very satisfied with these products as they were the right products for rebar blasting before application of fusion bonded epoxy.  Moreover, these products had the right chemical composition and hardness which allowed for good overall performance and helped achieve ISTM A775 requirements.

SS:  What made you consider or shift to Surfium?

AT:  The initial presentation and Technical Data Sheet (TDS) peaked my interest.  Thereafter, I spent time carefully considering how this product could be adapted to MCI requirements.  I could see that Surfium had a very narrow hardness range which could provide consistent blasting and also low consumption.  Overall, it appeared to be a good product in terms of value-for-money.

SS:  You knew that Surfium had good reports from Pipe Coaters, but it was never used for general surface preparation?  Did you not think that it was risky to try a new product?

AT:  I trust WINOA completely!  The matter of Surfium failing never ever occurred to me.  I am fully confident that WINOA will only make products that work since innovation is part of their DNA.  Besides, you forget that I worked with WAbrasives products for 2 decades and I have never been let down in all these years!

SS:  How can you compare Surfium with standard products such as GL25 & GL40?

AT:  With Surfium, we have better cleanliness, no dust, better consistency and lower consumption by 13%.  Furthermore, we have better adhesion with fusion bonded epoxy and overall reduction in blasting & coating per ton of rebar

SS:  How does it feel to know that MCI was the launch-customer for Surfium in the Middle East & Africa region?

AT:  Indeed, I am very proud that MCI was selected and I can’t thank you enough for giving me that privilege.  It is a tremendous honor as well.

SS:  Prior to launching Surfium, MCI had a technical visit from WAbrasives WALUE expert-Philippe Guiguet and post launching from WALUE expert-Richard Hennings!  How important is Technical Assistance to MCI?

AT:  At MCI, Technical Assistance plays a very important role.  Through the visits of WINOA WALUE experts, I could learn a lot about the need to improve the cleanliness level of the blasted surface, how to achieve the proper Roughness Profile, consistency of the blasted surface, how to lower the blasted cost per sqm and also about new products & technologies that WINOA plans to introduce in future.

SS:  What is your impression and interest in innovations such as WA Clean, WA Dust & WA 3D that WINOA plans to launch shortly?

AT:  Every new product and innovation brought about by WINOA serves to increase my confidence in the group.  With these innovations, I am regularly reminded that MCI works with the #1 manufacturer of Steel Abrasives!  For me, that means security and benefits like no other.  These innovations will create enough interest for others to buy WAbrasives products also.

SS:  What does the future look like at MCI?

AT:  We are commissioning a second line in Dec which will be fully operational in Jan.  This will more than double our capacity from 4,000 to 10,000 tons per month.  Obviously, WINOA will stand to benefit from this increase since our requirement for Surfium will increase proportionately.  

SS:  What are the major recent achievements at MCI?

AT:  MCI have recently received approval from ARAMCO as the only fusion bonded epoxy applicator in the UAE.  This approval was granted to MCI by ADANAC Global Testing & Inspection, Canada.  MCI has also been approved by a major O & G customer in Abu Dhabi

SS:  To what would you attribute the success of MCI today?

AT:  Our success can be attributed to:
The best surface preparation media from WINOA
The best thermal heating from Ajax
The best organic functional powder resin from Jotun
The best practices in using the above from MCI

SS:  What final words do you have for WINOA?

AT:  You guys are doing a great job…..keep doing what you do best.  Also, consider to appoint me as Brand Ambassador for Surfium in the region……….along the same lines as George Clooney (Omega) and Jennifer Aniston (Emirates Airlines)

SS:  Replicating George Clooney should not be a problem, but even our 5 Test Centers worldwide may not be able to replicate Jennifer Aniston.
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