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Phenics Air, the new unit for non road access or altitude sites

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Phenics is in the air
PHENICS is in the air now!
A new member has joined the Phenics machine fleet...
In addition to Phenics Combi and Phenics XL, we have now Phenics Air. This new unit  is composed of 4 modules which can be assembled  and dismantled easily.
Phenics Air is adapted to be transported by helicopter, for the jobs with no road access or high altitude.
Phenics Air is now in use for a penstock refurbishment project in the Pyrenees Mountains located at height of 1800 meters.
The Phenics expert members team has allowed such a  fantastic job : Mickael Rodriguez, Regional Sales Manager and Uros Barl, Technical Director and the Phenics technicians who made this happen. 
contact: zerrin.koltukcuoglu@winoagroup.com
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