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For coating lifetime enfacement, choose the premium product Surfium

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SURFIUM a premium W Abrasives product for coating lifetime enfacement.
Since mid – 2014, W Abrasives developed a turnkey solution called Surf Prep Pack dedicated to the surface preparation field. It is composed by several complementary items, which have a major impact on the fulfillment of surface preparation specifications before coating application. A full range of training, consulting and testing services are proposed in order to offer a high technical assistance level. An exclusive range of new technologies have been developed for objective and reliable quality controls of key parameters at the end of abrasive blast cleaning process. WA CLEAN has been designed to assess the blast cleaning grades as described in different international standards, ISO, SSPC. WA DUST is also an optical electronic device, under development, which will evaluate the dust quantity ratings and dust size classes mentioned in ISO 8502 – 3 specification. WA 3D technology consists in replicating the blasted surface at the customer site, followed by a 3D scanning of surface replica that gives access at very interesting parameters, such as real dead volume, a very useful parameter for paint consumption optimization.
SURFIUM is a premium abrasive product developed by W Abrasives based on customers’ needs to deal with increasingly binding surface preparation specifications imposed by the end users in recent years. This high performance grit designed for wheel – blasting machines may be used in all types of industries, such as metallic construction, pipe coating, power – generation (wind – mills…), ship building and much more.
Hereafter are described the main characteristic and customer benefits brought by this product.

4 sizes available
SR 350
Rz [µm]
SR 600
Rz [µm]
SR 710
RZ [µm]
SR 850
Rz [µm]
40 - 60 50 - 70 70 - 90 90 - 120

As can be observed in the table above it is available in four sizes depending on the profile depth we are looking for. Due to its extremely narrow hardness range (+/- 1.5 HRC), SURFIUM highlights a better lifetime compared to the standard GL grit products, which leads to a consumption decrease of about 10 %. SURFIUM also achieves a reduction by more than 15 % of the residual dust particles generated during abrasive blasting process.
Rz = 77 µm, Rmax = 89 µm, Rpc = 52 /cm   Rz = 74 µm, Rmax = 79 µm, Rpc = 71 /cm
It is well known that an important peak count correlated with a homogenous surface profile will improve the mechanical and the corrosion resistance properties of coatings at long exposures times. 
Surface homogeneity could be assessed by evaluating the Rmax / Rz ratio. A perfect homogeneous surface profile will have a Rmax / Rz ratio value close to 1. As can be observed in the surface topographies obtained with WA 3D technology, the discrepancy between the Rmax and Rz values is quite important and leads to an important Rmax/Rz ratio for the classical GL product value, while SURFIUM product reveals a more important number of peaks / cm than for a classical GL product. The better Rmax / Rz ratio value and consequently the more homogeneous surface profile characteristics revealed by SURFIUM mainly results from its exclusive narrow hardness range.
Considering its key characteristics, such as very low conductivity level and narrow hardness range, SURFIUM is the best product for this kind of applications.
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