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The SSPC 2017 in Florida

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SSPC 2017
Tampa, Florida – USA
January 30 – February 02, 2017
The SSPC 2017 was held from January 30 to February 02, at the Tampa Convention Center in Florida, USA. During 3 days of exhibits, more than 120 companies in Airblast equipment, Recycling machines and Paint were present.

The US W Abrasives team representing Sales, Marketing and Technical have chosen the SSPC to showcase the W Abrasives offer:  Premium products, technologies, services, the win solution to meet their customer’s needs.  

Team Picture (facing left to right): Iann Bouchard, Charlie Gorman,
Matthew Schweitzer, Dale Campbell & Craig Wallbank 

The W Abrasives brand was highlighted thanks to the WA logo displayed on the main black wall, the Premium Products and side board graphics. Product literature was available and handed out to guests. The product sample wheel included shot, grit, HPG, Profilium, Stainium and Hybrid was on display, along with samples of Cut Wire.
The technical team also presented the WA CLEAN technology to demonstrate the customer benefit in reading, quantifying and archiving the degree of surface cleanliness to be achieved. So, several people showed positive interest and expressed that the WA Clean device was something they would be able to use and consider for purchase.
SSPC 2017 was a successful event which allowed to strengthen the notoriety of Winoa and its brand W Abrasives in the Airblast area. 
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