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W Abrasives adds grit to its stainless range: Stelux CG

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Its intrinsic characteristic, coupled with the excellent value for money settle the STELUX products as the best option for cleaning, deburring or surface preparation applications, within respect of the most stringent specifications and standards, such as NADCA, SSPC – SP16 or ASTM A 380M.
STELUX is the special W Abrasives stainless steel abrasives media range dedicated to blasting operations of non-ferrous metals and stainless parts, where the usage of carbon steel shots or grits is completely forbidden due to ferrous contamination and corrosion risks.

Two specific products have been exclusively created to meet this need : Stelux CN and Stelux.
The product line has been expanded with a new one, the Stelux CG, a truly ecological alternative to other surface treatment solutions, such as chemical descaling or blasting with ceramic and mineral abrasives, such as Aluminium oxides,  which generate much more waste and dust emissions.

Download Stelux C datasheet

Download Stelux CN datasheet

Download Stelux CG datasheet

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