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Winoa improves Total Cost of Blasting with Hybrid Shot

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Winoa improves Total Cost of Blasting (TCB) with Hybrid ShotWinoa improves Total Cost of Blasting with Hybrid Shot
Thanks to its 50 years of experience, Winoa is able to reduce its customers' blasting costs by offering a full technical approach: specific ranges of products, technologies and services dedicated to its customer application.
Linked with full technical support provided by 22 application experts, Winoa can provide technical service around the world  
Winoa & W Abrasives technical teams demonstrate to customers that cost reduction is not a fantasy and become reality for them by developing WA COST technology in the field of blasting to validate and achieve global customer benefits. 

Major customers in the foundry market have already trust in the Winoa expertise, combining: 

1/ the use of a dedicated Premium product: HYBRID SHOT 

By monitoring machine wear it helps to reduce maintenance costs while at the same time achieving remarkable performance in terms of cleaning:
  • Low machine wear
  • Higher efficiency than shots
  • Suitable for complex shape castings

2/ the technical expertise approach: the seven steps 

By following a standardized 7 steps process to optimize the blasting process and guarantee results. 
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