Winoa cares about its customer satisfaction and supports UNICEF

If customer satisfaction is one of the main values advocated by Winoa, mutual aid and solidarity are also part of it. The process of administering Winoa's satisfaction surveys now supports the UNICEF charity: with each questionnaire completed, 1 euro is donated to the association and contributes directly to the protection, inclusion, education or survival of a child.  A small gesture for a great cause indeed! 
The new process, which was put in place at the end of 2016, is very simple. W Abrasives, the flagship brand of Winoa, present to their customers, at the end of a visit, a smartphone on which they assess their satisfaction. Different criteria are taken into account via an application designed for this purpose. They express their opinions on product quality, delivery time, working relationship with Winoa, the value of the brand's products, technologies and services, and their overall level of satisfaction.
By giving voice to its customers, Winoa demonstrates the importance it attaches to listening and satisfying them. Through this interaction process, it strengthens customer and supplier relations. Of course, it is the treatment of the many feedbacks collected that enables Winoa to offer products, services and technologies that are always more innovative and adapted to the needs of its customers.
To give more value to this action, Winoa even launched an internal challenge. The sellers' motivation is to ensure that the results of the survey are better interpreted and that more donations are received for the association.
To date, we have collected 600 surveys, for a total of 600 euros that will be donated to UNICEF at the end of the year! Do not wait to complete our survey: make yourself heard while supporting UNICEF!