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Launching of the WA COST App on iPhones

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Launching of the WA COST App on iPhones
W Abrasives' main mission has always been to reduce the total cost of the blasting operation of its customers. It is in this sense that the WA COST technology, thanks to fifteen years of experience in the field, has been developed to quantify the different cost items associated with the blasting operation and to identify their possibilities of reduction.
Until now, using the WA COST SILVER required computer manipulation and especially Excel software. For this reason, the simulations were carried out in a quiet and confined space and forced customers to leave their working environment. As a result, large-scale economies could be ignored by lack of availability.
In order to offer a better service, more innovative, more practical, easier to use and to align with the SMART values of WINOA, we are pleased to announce the launch of the WA COST SILVER application on iPhones! Wherever you are, one of our collaborators can make you earn money by simply clicking on his smartphone.
Then, nothing is easier than analyzing the total cost of the blasting operation in a simple and fast way, while remaining at the heart of the action. Today, thanks to this application, it is the WA COST SILVER that comes to you!
The main benefits of the application:
Easier to use, faster, the application allows our experts to be more responsive to reduce your total cost of blasting operation.
Allows to give immediate meaning to our common approach by the visualization of your data and results on the screen of a smartphone.
In order to be always more flexible, it allows its use, at any time, in the place of your choice.
Always more reliable because the key data of the WA COST SILVER have been updated.
Totally differentiating tool because unique on the market.

W Abrasives salesman doing a demonstration to a customer between 2 production lines!
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