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Success Story : Profilium at the Service of Brazilian Agriculture

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Profilium at the Service of Brazilian Agriculture

Despite the economic recession and a general downward trend of industry, agriculture is experiencing a boom and leads to recovery of agricultural machinery segment in Brazil.

In Brazil,  contrary to the downward trend of such industries as transformation, logistics,  construction, oil & gas and renewable energy, the agricultural sector is expected to have a 15% increase in turnover in 2017. What’s more the agriculture is responsible for a start of recovery of the segment as a whole. This optimism comes from a boom experienced as a result of the record forecast for the Brazilian grain crop, which could reach 219 million tons this year, 33 million more than in 2016. 
The agricultural machinery segment is recovering steadily and the outlook for this year is a 15% increase in sales.
In this line, companies such as Entringer, a Brazilian capital company that was acquired by the Multinational AGI, invests in a new plant, where we are well positioned with the supply of Profilium 45 grit for a start up of the air blasting cabinet and S280 for the equipment of 12 turbines. The company is investing in what is most modern equipment for Blasting and Painting. Our partnership and good relationship with Pressenge, the manufacturer of the equipment, added to the Technical work and Training that will be developed by WALUE team, has been essential to start the partnership with Entringer.


More about AGI


AGI is a leading manufacturer of grain, feed and fertilizer handling, storage and conditioning equipment. Their growth is driven by robust global agricultural fundamentals and their brands are amongst the most recognized in global agriculture in both Commercial and Farm sectors. Their product catalog includes augers, belt conveyors, grain storage bins, grain handling accessories, grain aeration equipment, grain drying systems and fertilizer handling and storage systems. AGI has manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, Brazil and Italy and distributes its products globally.
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