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Success of Baosteel: the benefits to use Stainum Premium Product

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The benefits to use Stainum Premium Product

The benefits to use Stainum Premium Product 

Baosteel is the 3rd biggest crude steel producer in the world and the 2nd biggest customer of SMS (Shanghai Murga Steel, a subsidiary of Winoa) in China. Before April 2016, SMS supplied them with the full volume of abrasive S110 in the stainless steel plate line, and the annual abrasive usage reached 1000 tons.
In the second half of 2015, their machine and blasting pattern were checked, and it demonstrated that their blasting pattern considerably deviated from the appropriate position. This means that tremendous improvement in cleanliness and roughness should be expected by correcting the blasting pattern, introducing Stainium, and controlling operating mix. That’s why we recommended to switch to Stainium and use our Premium product Stainium 150 instead of S110. 
Starting from April 2016, thanks to several years of business and technical exchange with our sales and technical support team, Baosteel has a better understanding about blasting efficiency, blasting cleanness and global blasting cost. 
In order to show the difference between S110 & SM150 product, we made a trial test on-site (April - May 2016) which showed the difference as below (Baosteel only focuses on 2 key points: Roughness & Cost).

Thanks to Stainium and better follow up of the process (Premium service), they were able to decrease re-blasting ratio by 1%. This percentage seems very low but in such industry, 1% reblasting represents a lot of money.
Thanks to better efficiency of Stainium, it was possible to decrease throwing speed from 78 to 69 m/s with same performances but with a lower roughness. Due to better settings of hot spots and better monitoring of the machine, life of wear parts has been also increased a little bit.
In conclusion of all these new parameters, consumption of abrasive decreased by 10%, which represents a large part of the savings...

Next step, we will keep in touch with Baosteel Stainless line to maintain our 100% Stainium usage and collect all the production and quality data of Stainium for next potential customers.
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