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Success Story of Transpnevmatika, provide an industrial solution to obtain a result of sufficient cleanliness.

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Transpnevmatika Success Story

Transpnevmatika is a major player in the production of railway equipment. The trust of its clients is based on such principles and fundamentals of collaboration as honesty, decency, an individual approach to each client and the unconditional fulfillment of these commitments. These convictions are shared by the Winoa Group which explains the longstanding partnership between our two companies – a partnership of some thirty years.

This is what led to the Group’s Russian subsidiary, WINOA Kurgan, receiving Letters of Excellence from Transpnevmatika in both 2017 and 2018 attesting to this fruitful collaboration and acknowledging the quality of the work provided by the technical experts at Winoa.

A long-term outlook, which enabled us to welcome Transpnevmatika at our Le Cheylas Testing Center for a new test, in May.



And a large challenge it was at that!  Nowadays, Transpnevmatika only blasts its components from the outside using turbine machines. These components are supplied to railway stakeholders, with their long-term efficacy being crucial in terms of both safety and economic considerations.

Currently, when they leave the blasting machine, about 85% of the components cannot be used as sand and flash remain in the internal cavities. The objective now is to provide an industrial solution to obtain a result of sufficient cleanliness inside these components.



Four types of components were supplied to the Test Center. It quickly became evident that two approaches were required:

>> The blasting of large, easy-to-access, internal chambers
>> The blasting of narrow and winding channels

Various tests were performed on these components in order to find the best way of meeting the client's needs. An initial test was performed using WS330 shot and a Long Venturi 9.5 mm diameter nozzle on the largest components.

Another test was performed, on the same cavities, this time using Premium Stainium SM130, the aim being to visualize whether the use of more aggressive angular shot provided a gain in efficacy.

Concerning the components with more restricted openings, our experts used a Short Venturi 6 mm diameter nozzle in order to access the inside of the channel without damaging its entrance.



The results observed were highly appreciated by the client, with both products capable of providing appropriate cleaning of the components used in this test. Concerning the internal chambers, the objective was easily achieved with WS330, with the interior blasting in compliance with Transpnevmatika's specifications. Likewise with Premium SM130, although the process took slightly longer.

This highlights the advantages of the round shot which works both directly and by rebound action. With the narrow channels, both products gave good results, although the difficulty lay in centering the nozzle facing the hole so as not to attack the surface.

Thanks to their presence at the Test Center, the client was able to direct the tests, make observations and validate the results. The tests demonstrated the feasibility of the client’s expectations. In this way, a proposal to adapt the line was provided at the end of the tests.

It was also recommended that Transpnevmatika work with nozzle manufacturers in order to find a solution for centering the nozzle at the opening of the holes to avoid any damage to the components during their future blasting operations on an industrial scale.

As such, the teams of W Abrasives have once again demonstrated the efficacy of their expertise. Consulting also represents an added value that Winoa offers its clients, with the aim of providing a comprehensive and high-quality service.

Winoa currently has 6 Test Centers distributed throughout the world. This service, which sets the Group apart from its competitors, is offered to all clients wishing to optimize the cost of their blasting operations or increase their efficacy.

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