Throughout the GIFA event, each day we are organizing three workshops in English and in German. What more would you expect from a brand that is positioned on the market as your key success factor? 

The number of spaces is limited to 20 per session, so be sure to send us an email and reserve in advance. Write to us at the following email address with your name and address, day of arrival, the workshop(s) that you are interested in and your preferred language (English or German):

You will find here, in a few lines, more information on each of these three workshops.

WRKSHP #1 : 3 ways to optimize your blasting operations.

As an added-value provider, W Abrasives offers to its customers not only steel abrasives but global solutions for their blasting processes. During this workshop, 3 items will be picked-up among our large range of exclusive Premium products, services and technologies to concretely illustrate how W Abrasive can optimize your blasting process.

WRKSHP #2 : Your blasting operations in 2020.

The blasting process is quite often seen as a mature process which has almost not evolved during the last decades. At W Abrasives, we have a different vision : we sincerely think that the blasting process has a lot of possibilities of evolution, and, as the world leader of steel abrasives, we have the duty to pull this technology further by developing leading-edge solutions for the market. During this workshop, we will present our vision of what could be the blasting process in 2020.

WRKSHP #3 : Abrasives operations are not only a question of shot and grit.
The famous saying : "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" fits so well with the blasting process that it could have been pronounced by a shot blasting line manager. Indeed, this process is not only a question of shots or grit, but a complex system where every element (wheels, air separator, blasting media etc...) should work together in an efficient way and under the supervision of skilled operators. A weak item in the chain, and all the process is destabilized. During this workshop, we will introduce some of our exclusive services and technologies that has been designed to accompany you to set up a performant and well-mastered process at the best cost.