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ACPC the 7th Consortium is building the future!

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ACPC is the diminutive for ANTI CORROSION FOR PIPES COATING. The Consortium ACPC is a group of Specialists who aim to progress on Anti Corrosion knowledge, such as understanding, measuring and solving issues.

The creation of Consortium ACPC is the initiative of Winoa’s experts and was launched in November, 2012 in Kurgan (Federation of Russia) at WA Kurgan’s plant for the 1st Seminar where have been attended different companies concerned by the pipes coating’s future.

The 15th and 16th of May, 2018, was organized at Le Château des Comtes de Challes and at Winoa’s Test Center the 7th Seminar of the Consortium ACPC.

Since January 2014, the Consortium have worked on the same “Format”.

For the months and years to come, a “New Era” and a New “Format” have been built and assessed by all participants (“Steering Committee”*).

*Steering Committee: Key Specialists of Anti Corrosion for Pipes Coating (ACPC) of Former Soviet Union (FSU), VNIIGAZ (normative Company), Vyksa Steel Works, ChTPZ, Sibpromkomplekt and, worldwide known Companies in this segment, 3M (Coatings) and Selmers (Complete Coating Line and other Solutions). 6 Winoa’s experts were present.

Common values as transparency and trust are shared by the Consortium ACPC.

The intention of this Teamwork was to explore the best ways and practices to be proactive in terms of Surface Preparation before Anti Corrosion’s Pipes Coating.

The New Format: working packages of 3 to 6 Specialists with objectives, deliverable and timing have been defined.
The main concerns the Steering Committee agreed on and Working Packages will work on are:

>> To identify the best practices to achieve the lowest dust level,
>> To enlarge the Consortium ACPC’s geographical scope and communication,
>> To deliver a Working Prototype of WA Dust in the 12 months maximum to come,
>> To work on development of measuring equipment to align control and to assume realistic final specs.

At least, to upgrade their efficiency the members have to update twice a year achievable specs with today existing materials: roughness, dust, cleanliness, conductivity… 

Winoa is honored to entertain this Consortium, “Preparing tomorrow’s surfaces” is not just a baseline but a real commitment.

The best is yet to come!

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