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Success Story of Brass Technics Systems,how increase productivity without changing the surface appearance

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Brass Technics Systems was founded in 1992 in Lumezzane in Lombardy for the production of brass components based on customer design using mechanical machining. Their biggest clients belong to the business sector of hydrothermal and gas systems of Northern Europe and the USA.

BTS were using brass turnings to blast their forged brass items up to June 2015, when they contacted our salesman Sandro Carraro for an advice on the use of stainless steel shot instead of turning. Their objective was to essentially increase their productivity without changing the surface appearance.
The customer was introduced to Stelux and a test was arranged in July at our Kovo Test Centre. According to the results achieved with Stelux C 20-30-40 and CN20-30-40 the customer decided to carry out an industrial test with CN 30. Some CN 20 was added for the first charge as well.
The test carried out in July 2015 allowed to increase the speed of pass-through from 0, 5 to 0, 6 m/min (equal to + 20%) while keeping the previously obtained surface level.
After this stage BTS sent some samples to their customers and obtained their approval. Finally the decision to replace the brass turning with CN 30 was taken and the customer is currently using this type of abrasive.

Brass turnings Stelux operating mix Brass fitting

In September 2015, taking opportunity of a machine check by our Walue Expert, Gianluca Grossi, a plan to further implement the blasting operations was agreed with the customer:
  • Gradual increase (e.g. 0, 1 mt/min per week) of the speed of the belt of the production line is still in process. We plan to increase it from 0,6 to 1,0 mt/min with a production increase up to 100 %.
  • A reduction of 9% of rpm from 2.970 to 2.700 with following:
    • less wear of machine parts
    • less consumption of abrasive of about 15-20%
    • lower roughness of the surface of brass fittings
    • decrease of amperage of the turbines (from 21 to 18 Ampere) and consequently the consumption of energy.

Contact: ennio.torrigliani@wabrasives.com
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