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Customers technical seminar in Dubai

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Sunil Sequeria Seminar
Thanks to its complete range of innovative solutions, Winoa keeps a step ahead in your blasting operations.
In May 2016, WInoa and its leader brand, W Abrasives, hosted over 50 Technical professionals at a Technical Seminar at the Sharjah Hilton Hotel, UAE. This was a first such event by WINOA in this region since establishing a local office in 2006, and went in the strategic direction set by “WINOA Middle East and Africa” to differentiate from the increased number of competitors in the Region. The aim was to create awareness of the latest technologies, products and services developed by the group for Surface Preparation, and most importantly to pique their interest in the total blasting cost and how we could help reduce it.
The seminar was attended by prominent customers such as Bredero Shaw, Emirates Preinsulated Pipes Industries and Eversendai Engineering; Machine manufacturer Murzello and Representatives of our external sales network.
Among the several topics discussed were various practical problems faced by many involved in Surface Preparation; such as, difference in opinion on cleanliness due to lack of specific instruments, blasting machine wear issues and consistency of surface profile.
Through the expertise of Pierre Coste, WINOA presented its products and tools developed over the last few years to address these practical problems. The WA Clean Device, a one of a kind tool to address the cleanliness concerns evoked great response and was the subject of extensive discussions. Hybrid Shot, a new product that provides an optimum balance between production rate and maintenance cost had participants thoroughly engaged. The WA 3D Tool Kit, a tool to analyse Surface Profile over a larger surface area with more accuracy than the current products in the market was another topic that met with the interest of many.  In addition, there were many queries on Hot Spot adjustment, Blasting cost reduction, Premium products, Conductivity and on-site training of personnel.
The true success thereafter was demonstrated by immediate requests for trials with Hybrid Shot at 3 customers using Low Carbon Shots as well as interest by others for Technical Visits. This seminar presented the ground work for other such events that will be held in the future in the region.
Oscar Mascarenhas
Technical Engineer
WINOA Middle East & Africa
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