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A concrete example of eco responsibility

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Evening News
Winoa confirms its commitment as a responsible industry that is well integrated into its environment. The site at Le Cheylas, which has ISO 14001 quality and environment certification, has been implementing a comprehensive process to reduce its energy consumption for a number of years now.

Daniel Verdier, Manager of the Winoa site at Le Cheylas, talks to us about the electrical load-shedding system introduced a few weeks ago. The principle is to shut down the melting furnace, which consumes a large amount of energy, very quickly in order to enable the network manager to even out peaks in consumption. In particular, this helps to avoid the risk of black-outs during exceptional circumstances, as was nearly the case during the recent cold spell in France, and allow domestic demand to be met. A gesture of solidarity towards the community…
The system also helps to reduce dependency on fossil fuel-based energy and hence cut CO2 emissions.

Winoa is thus demonstrating its corporate social and environmental responsibility.
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