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Success Story, Why Linfen choose Stainium product ?

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Linfen choose W Abrasives

About our customer

In October 1998, Linfen Steel was restructured into “Taiyuan Iron Steel Co, LTD” which is also our customer. Now, business between Linfen Steel and W Abrasives will be through TISCO.
Linfen Steel has the ability to produce medium and thick plates annually. Their products include carbon-structure steel plate, high-quality carbon-structure steel plate, low-alloy steel plate, boiler plate, pressure vessel plate, bridge board, construction board of construction machinery plate, pipeline steel, weathering steel, alloy steel, die steel, stainless steel. The production of stainless steel plate has made this company the largest stainless steel plate company in East Asia. 

The challenge

Our potential Stainium customer Linfen had been using a standard product that wasn’t entirely satisfactory because of the roughness of its parts, its surface cleanliness and its abrasive consumption. 
Approached by our sales teams from SMS, our Chinese sister company, Linfen decided to switch to Stainium after a few months.

How it happened 

Our SMS sales team approached Linfen and obtained their demands in order to prepare their offers.
The customer wanted better results on three key points: improve its surface cleanliness, reduce its roughness and reduce abrasive consumption. 
The team suggested a complete offer to reply to the customer’s needs:

3 demands and 3 offers

The results

Finally, Linfen accepted our offer and they decided to conduct a test with our SM140 for 5 months: during this period we carried out 5 machine checks and 3 technical meetings. The 3 technical meetings were organized and some of the actions conducted were: separator adjustment, machine repair for abrasive loss, hot spot optimization and dust collection replacement. The first meeting aimed to define the problem of the shot blasting process, the second exchange introduced the advantages of our Stainium product, and the third meeting was to give technical guidance to Linfen Steel before our Stainium product trial. 

It’s not a coincidence that Linfen has chosen to collaborate with W Abrasives and its expert Walue team. Their choice supports our position as a leading service partner. Our expertise and our complete offer allow our customers to reach their objectives and to be more satisfied with their blasting process.
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