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Tudoksad Seminar - we have customized solutions even for the most challenging customer needs!

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Tudoksad Seminar - whatever our customer’s objectives are, we have customized answers!

On March 8th, Winoa, our Turkish agent Ekspert and Tudoksad - the Turkish Foundry Association organized a seminar dedicated to the steel and non-ferrous foundry sector. 24 companies and 43 attendants joined the Seminar at the Green Park Conference Center in Istanbul. It was a great success thanks to the large number of attendees and the post-seminar question time and interactions.

The topics of the seminar were the following:


What are the new tools and technologies available in the blasting business?

W Abrasives has developed specific high technology tools to make the lives of our customers easier and more efficient. The experts frequently use thermal cameras to control hot spot adjustments and clogging of duct works. This unique tool is called WACam. Customers really appreciate this method which is simple, fast and self-explanatory. A demonstration on site was carried out during the seminar. We also created and patented a tool to automatically measure the cleanliness of the blasted parts, accordingly with cleanliness standards and without any human interference. This unique tool is called WA Clean and all customers could test it during the seminar.

How to consider the Total Cost of Ownership in blasting operations?

It has now been 15 years since we have developed a specific unique technology called WACost to calculate the real blasting cost of our customers and, of course, everybody knows blasting cost is not only about the abrasive budget but it is really more than that. This is what was demonstrated during the seminar. 


What is the range of Premium products especially developed for foundry applications?

W Abrasives have reviewed all together our Premium range – products & services – from the most efficient abrasive to caring about the blasting machine through, of course, all intermediate grades providing the expected balance between abrasive efficiency and machine wear. It was proven that whatever the customer’s objectives are, W Abrasives team have the customized answer!

What are the dedicated Special products for non–ferrous casting applications?

STELUX range products are stainless steel blasting media, specially dedicated for cleaning, deburring and surface finishing operations of non-ferrous castings, where the usage of black steel shots and grits is completely forbidden due to ferrous contamination risks. During the seminar the customers showed their interest for W Abrasives added value solutions, considered as real assets in enhancing the blasting process in terms of productivity, quality and overall cost.

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