North American Technical & Training Center.

The Technical & Training Center located in Houston, Texas, will open its doors for customer trials officially in January 2016.
The facility houses a tumblast machine, a spinner hangar, a roller conveyor and an air-blast room which is equipped with a variable speed drive oscillator and turntable for shot-peening and I.D. applications. The choice of technical center equipment, all with VFD’s (variable frequency drives), will enable us to replicate any application found in the blasting market. 
This comprehensive Technical & Training Center is also equipped with a WAAT machine fully instrumented and designed accurately to consistently measure the abrasive consumption in real life conditions of use, replicating the conditions of the customer process.

This facility will be utilized for a variety of purposes including new product  development, new customer trials, existing customer trials where we will work together to test different products in order to improve the parameters associated with the blasting process.  We will conduct customers training sessions: on-site at a customer’s location, and off-site custom-tailored program to train customers with all our tools available for use in both wheel and air blasting.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve a customer’s process.  Our expertise lies in finding new ways to clean or prepare a surface, improve surface quality, and reduce the costs associated with blasting through product and process development. This ‘zero risk’ solution enables the customer to determine all the blasting parameters before setting them up on their production line.  A dedicated team of technical experts collaborate with our Technical & Training Center and also at the customers’ premises.

Our new patented WA Clean technology is an example of how we can now measure the surface cleanliness with quantitative values modernizing the traditional method of qualitative measuring using visual reference charts.