One of Winoa’s priorities is providing more than just quality products by supplying all our customers with a solution for implementing the products they purchase. Under its commercial brand name of W Abrasives, Winoa is developing a range of products, services and solutions that will meet the needs of our customers from around the world, all in pursuit of one objective: transforming the surface of their products by proposing economic, ecological and easy-to-use solutions!

To best support our customers, Winoa has five test centres at their disposal.
The strategic location of these centres in Brazil, Japan, Austria, the Czech Republic and France ensures their accessibility.

All of these test centres are equipped with a range of machines that allow for “industrial” scale testing, carried out by personnel who are always available to listen to and work with the customer. In 2011 Winoa carried out 110 tests for customers across its five test centres.

In this way Winoa shares its experience and offers technical training in blasting tailored to the needs of our customers and delivered in dedicated training rooms or on the customer’s own site, offering them the opportunity to discover, enhance and implement the advice provided in these training sessions.
On-site support is provided by members of our Walue technical team. Winoa has thus far provided our customers with 1800 days of technical assistance thanks to the efforts of 25 Walue Members across the world.