IKK Shot participated in the nation's largest international maritime affair exhibition “SEA JAPAN 2016” held from April 13 to 15 in Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center.
Premium product “PROFILIUM” and cleanliness measurement device "WA clean" were displayed and our activities such as machine checks or test center trials were introduced.
PROFILIUM is a special blend of abrasive for surface preparation before painting. As for “WA clean”, it is able to evaluate objectively by digitizing surface blast-cleaning grade. “WA clean” in particular attracted attention during the exhibition and several visitors gave voice to their appraisal.
“It is more concrete than the judgment with the reference pictures standardized by ISO 8501-1 and standard evaluation becomes more objective.”
“Operation is very easy, and even an unexperienced user will be able to evaluate it.”
“Because the evaluation standard becomes clear, it’s easier to validate with the subcontracting company the cleanliness grades required by the surface preparation working conditions.”