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Blasting machines are self-destructive. The blades, control cage and impeller are obviously the machine parts most subject to wear.

When worn out, these parts:

  • Increase blasting time
  • Decrease blasting efficiency
  • Affect the abrasive pattern by moving the hot spot

Our technical teams provide customers with important and effective operational keys to blasting operation.  We prompt attention to wear signs and the use of a Preventive & Predictive Maintenance program that will allow the highest operating efficiencies along with the lowest operating costs.


With W Care quality preventive maintenance:

•    Increase overall productivity and extend the life of critical equipment
•    Reduce overtime labor cost
•    Reduce the number of emergency repairs
•    Work in a more controlled and preventive way

Winoa proposes a comprehensive maintenance service to take care of your equipments. We maintain, repair and service your equipment with planned equipment inspection & parts replacement.

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How to get expert advice and solutions for your blast machine maintenance and preventive care.


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