CLEANLINESS is an important parameter of your surface preparation operations.
If you want to successfully complete your surface preparation in a reliable and cost-efficient way, use the WA CLEAN Technology.


This patented technology and ISO TR 22770 certified, easy to use, is the ideal way to evaluate and check the cleanliness of a blasted surface in accordance with international standards, independently of any human interpretation. It reads, quantifies and archives the degree of surface cleanliness you have achieved.

WA CLEAN technology allows you to reduce your blasting costs and ensure the best coating performance through:

  • Objective and repeatable cleanliness controls
  • Reduction of re-blasting via immediate identification of process deviation
  • Reduction of over-blasting via an accurate monitoring of the cleanliness level
How it looks:
  • Optical analysis device able to evaluate the cleanliness level of a blasted surface
  • Quick measurements: less than 2 seconds per analysis
  • Internal data storage, transferable to PC via USB port
  • Adaptor to fit with curved surfaces (pipes, windmills towers…)

Discover how it works by watching the second episode of WA Snapshot, the recent series of W Abrasives that introduces you to its technologies and products in an attractive an easy to understand way.