Specific W Abrasives products for steel construction

Surface treatment

WS460 to WS230 shot

  • Ease of use in all types of machine
  • Long working life and moderate machine wear

GP16 to GP40 or GL16 to GL40 grit

  • Greater cleaning efficiency
  • Roughness profile ensures greater adherence of paintwork and surface coatings (optimisation of peak density)


  • Girders
  • Welded structures
  • Truck and trailer chassis

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Specific W Abrasives products for engineering structures

Standard WGH40/WGH50 grit for air blasting applications

  • Stability of efficiency and working life

Profilium Premium abrasive

  • Ready-to-use operating mix
  • 20% more productivity in comparison with traditional abrasives
  • Unique consistency of the surface profile


  • Steel structures (bridges, reservoirs, etc. either new or undergoing renovation)
  • Ships (either new or undergoing renovation)

Specific W Abrasives products for pipelines


WGP18/WGP25 or WGL25/WGL40 grit for surface preparation in wheel machines

  • Suitable and constant roughness profile guaranteed

Profilium Premium abrasive for surface preparation by air blasting

  • Ready-to-use operating mix
  • Roughness profile and peak density ensuring greater adherence
  • Optimum productivity and working life

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  • Gas and oil pipelines

Selected references

Altumet, Volzhsky, Chelyabinsk