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Date Name
21/01/2019 Leader mondial de son secteur, cette PME de l'Isère prouve que la métallurgie a sa place en France Corporate
15/01/2019 Toyo Seiko & Winoa - Interview Joan Samuel - MFN Interview
19/11/2018 MFN // Winoa inaugurates in Spain the most modern and efficient plant of steel shot in the world Economical article
31/10/2018 FOUNDRY PLANET // Winoa inaugurates the most modern and efficient steel shot industrial plant Economical article
12/07/2018 Paintsquare.com // Reducing the Risk of Coating Failure Technical article
02/07/2018 MFN // More Than Just Shot And Grit! (MFN) Technical article
20/06/2018 Winoa, des grenailles plus vertes et plus performantes corporate
16/05/2018 Committed to protect the environment (MFN) Economical article
01/12/2017 Wa clean: the Surface cleanliness measurement tool Technical article
01/11/2017 Preparing tomorrow's technologies Economical article
01/07/2017 Eider Barrage Refurbishment Project With Phenics - MFN Technical article
01/06/2017 Winoa Improves Total Cost of Blasting (TCB) Technical article
01/05/2017 Surface Cleanliness Measurement Tool - MFN Technical article
04/04/2017 Supplying The Trust For Decades - MFN Interview
23/03/2017 Winoa : Value added cleaning through blasting media Technical article
27/10/2016 Development of a Non-Destructive method using Eddy Curren®ts to control NanoPeening Technical article
30/06/2016 Surface nanostructuring induced by NanoPeening® Technical article
14/03/2016 A New Suction and Recycling System Enabling Steel Abrasives to Be Used In The Field - MFN Technical article
14/03/2016 Fast Flowing Technology - Industry Europe Technical article
09/02/2016 Reduced wear and tear and blasting time reduction - Foundry Trade Journal International Technical article
27/01/2016 Optimising abrasive-blasted surface quality - MetalBulletin Technical article
26/01/2016 Abrasive Designed for Energy Sector - Paint Square Technical article
12/01/2016 USA Opens Its Doors To Lowering Costs Interview
01/09/2015 Mechanically Nanostructured Surfaces analyzed by a 3D roughness-based method - MFN Technical article
16/07/2015 Effect Of Soluble Salts Of Steel Abrasives On Blasted Steel Surfaces Technical article
01/05/2015 Winoa Interview May 2015 Technical article
06/03/2015 Surface Nanostructuring through a Technique Derived from Shot-Peening: Recent Advances Technical article
10/02/2015 Nanopeening by Winoa Technical article
01/10/2014 JPCL Europe - Surface Preparation Advertisements
01/09/2014 JPCL Europe - Surface Preparation Advertisements
26/08/2014 Turning Knowledge And Expertise Into Customers Benefits
Through Innovative Turnkey Solutions - MFN
Technical article
01/08/2014 JPCL Europe - Surface Preparation Advertisements
04/07/2014 MFN China Technical article
25/06/2014 W Abrasives Supply Chain services Technical article
06/05/2014 3 D topography for Surface Preparation Applications with 3D Technology Technical article
03/10/2013 COSMOS: a constantly growing technology - Case History Technical article
01/09/2013 Effect Of Surface Nanostructuration On Tribocorrosion Resistance - MFN Technical article
23/05/2013 Winoa interview : Stéphane Guillon - MFN China Technical article
29/04/2013 Making Grey Matter! - MFN Technical article
14/03/2013 Une classe chez Caterpillar pour la semaine de l’industrie - Présences Economical article
01/01/2013 Casting Metal Interview - Casting Plant & Technology Economical article
01/01/2013 Blasting cost reduction: the Winoa approach - World Wind Technology Technical article
14/11/2012 Congrès A3TS - SVTM 2012 : les investissements d'avenir. Technical article
01/11/2012 Préparation des pièces et peinture : des étapes à intégrer ? - Metal Industries Technical article
26/07/2012 Recupero e riutilizzo di granigliatura metallica nelle lavorazioni di granigliatura in cantieri - Anticorrosione Technical article
29/06/2012 Smooth operator - World Wind Technology Technical article
28/06/2012 Building A Bright Future together With Customers...through Innovation - MFN (Metal Finishing News) Technical article
27/06/2012 A3TS - le journal Event
22/03/2012 European Conference - A3TS Event
01/03/2012 Winoa group, formerly Wheelabrator allevard has developed a new abrasive reclamation and recycling system that allows steel abrasives to be used in the field - PCE Technical article
02/12/2011 Winoa soigne les grandes structures - Usine Nouvelle Technical article
28/10/2011 Phenics, un traitement innovant des grandes surfaces métalliques - Usine Nouvelle Technical article
01/10/2011 Amélioration par un prétraitement mécanique de NanoPeening® des performances des traitements thermochimiques - TM412 Technical article
22/09/2011 Les 5 mythes de la démondialisation - Challenge Economical article
09/09/2011 Wheelabrator renommé à 50 ans - Le journal des Entreprises Economical article
01/09/2011 Yves Barraquand interview - Besser Lackieren Economical article
01/09/2011 W Abrasives - Cast Metal & Diecasting Technical article
01/09/2011 June 2011: Wheelabrator Allevard Celebrates Its 50th Birthday And becomes "Winoa" - MFN Economical article
07/07/2011 Wheelabrator Allevard devient Winoa pour faciliter son développement international - L'antenne Economical article
30/06/2011 Wheelabrator Allevard change de nom - Flash Info Economie Economical article
11/06/2011 Wheelabrator Allevard rebaptisé Winoa pour conquérir la planète - Les Echos Economical article
01/06/2011 Hochflexibler Roboter liefert Top-Oberflächen auf Küchenfronten - Besser Lackieren Technical article
01/06/2011 Hitachi Metals Reduces Marginal Blasting Costs by 33% - Modern Casting Technical article
12/05/2011 Technical Revolutionary Ecological Solutions - MFN Technical article
01/04/2011 Wheelabrator Allevard celebrates its 50th anniversary - Cast Metal & Diecasting Technical article
01/03/2011 Atomization On Demand Or How To Fine Tune Steel Particles - Sciences Update Technical article
01/10/2010 Pipeline & Gas journal Technical article
01/10/2010 Attention to surface preparation yields big value additions - Pipeline & Gas Journal Technical article
01/09/2010 Wheelabrator Allevard ... and added value provider - Cast Metal & Diecasting Technical article
01/09/2010 Value-added provider - FTJ Technical article
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