W Abrasives aims to offer customers higher value added by supplying them with a high-quality product and related technical services provided by skilled sales teams benefiting from support from experts, the test and training centres, exclusive methods and resources for measuring the efficiency of the blasting processes used.

A dedicated approach

This exclusive combination of a Premium Product ensuring better performance than standard products, and a Premium Service to guarantee the optimum use of these products in order to obtain better results in terms of quality and cost, is a pillar of the W Abrasives philosophy.

A product Premium range has been developed and marketed by the group, aimed at four of the major traditional applications of steel abrasive. Continuous research and development work involving the Research Centre, the Test Centres and partner customers ensures regular expansion of this range of products, which covers a new segment each year.

The Premium approach: Success in 7 stages

  1. Checking and upgrading equipment.
  2. Cost reduction offer: assessment of potential advantages, common objective, agreement on prices.
  3. Testing at a Test Centre: validation of the results, winning customer's confidence, parameter adjustment.
  4. Launching of the industrial test phase: regular monitoring by a technical expert.
  5. Training on site: guarantee of successful project implementation and shared objectives.
  6. Monthly evaluation: monitoring, refining, confirmation of partnership and customer's commitment.
  7. Assessment of industrial test: evaluation of real benefits, confirmation of expected improvements, extension to other installations, etc.