Specific W Abrasives products for Melting and Aluminium



WS780 to WS390 shot

  • Performance and ease of use
  • Suited to all types of machine

HPG2 to HPG8 Premium abrasive

  • Optimum performance in terms of working life and desanding efficiency
  • Improved cleanliness and appearance of blasted surfaces
  • Resistance to highest throw speeds
  • Technology recommended after expert appraisal of the blasting process


  • Engine blocks, brake discs, HGV rear axles
  • Pump bodies
  • Boilers, flues
  • Roadway accessories


Best practice

  • 33% GAIN IN PRODUCTIVITY made by HMAC (Hitachi Metals Automotive Components) on brake discs after changing to HPG4.

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WS780 to WS390 shot

  • Ease of use in all types of machine
  • Long working life and moderate machine wear

WGP40/WGP50 or WGL40/WGL50 Premium grit

  • Improved efficiency
  • Better elimination of blemishes and uniformisation of surface states



  • Engine blocks, cylinder heads
  • Safety hoods

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