Roughness is an essential parameter which should not be left to chance. Nowadays, thanks to the WA3D technology developed by our experts, it is possible to identify the roughness of your surface in an extremely precise way.

For the very first time, it is now possible to visualise the roughness profile of a blasted surface in the form of a 3D representation. This technology opens up the possibility of using roughness parameters that were impossible to access up to now.

First of all, the surface profile is sampled using a specific resin applied to the part concerned. Once it has dried, we delicately peel it off and obtain an impression of the surface. The sample is then sent to the laboratory. Once it has been digitized, we obtain an extremely accurate result equivalent to 2,500 measurements which would be performed using a perthometer.

What exactly are the advantages of this?

It allows our customers to make savings as well as control their blasting process, significantly reducing the risks of proportional variation in the measured surface area. Discover the first episode of WA Snapshot. The new series of W Abrasives that introduces you to its technologies and products in an easy to understand way.