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  • Industrial peening: SP and SP+ range
  • Special peening: HRS and ultra fine shot
  • Aerospace peening
  • Dedicated service for shot peening

What is shot peening?

Shot peening is a cold working process in which a component is blasted with spherical material at high speed. The material is usually cast steel shot, conditioned cut wire pellets, ceramic  shot or glass  beads according to specifications. The process is normally carried out in a closed environment, such as a cabinet or another type of confined space, which allows the recovery and reuse of the shot and limits the amount of dust. The blasting medium is propelled either by turbine wheels or by compressed air through nozzles.

What is the purpose of shot peening?

The purpose of this process is to improve the resistance of the component against cracks and fatigue, which normally originate at the surface due to applied tensile stress. Shot peening also increases resistance to stress corrosion. In certain fields of application, shot peening is also used to modify the form of components in a controlled manner. In this case, the application is known as peen forming.

How does it work?

The impact of shot particles causes a plastic flow in the surface of the component and leaves residual compressive stresses. These residual compressive stresses counteract the applied tensile stress and help to prevent crack initiation and reduce crack propagation.

Main fields of application

  • Aerospace industry: aircraft engine components, aircraft structural parts, helicopter and airplane gears and transmission systems, landing gears, etc.
  • Automotive and industrial vehicle industries: gears, camshafts, crankshafts, chains, springs, suspension systems, clutches, valves, rods, braces, crossbars, torsion bars, etc.
  • Earthmoving equipment: plough blades, tractor tracks and gears, etc.
  • Oil industry: boring equipment and various related components
  • Power generation (gas, hydro & wind power): turbines, blades and components, gears and various related components
  • Construction industry: beams, braces,  bridges and buildings structural components, etc.

Characteristics of cast steel shot for peening

  • For standard shot peening applications, blasting media are manufactured according to international  standards, clients' or manufacturers' specifications.
  • For the aerospace industry and for other critical applications,  blasting media have to meet SAE AMS 2431/1, AMS 2431/2 or specifications issued by end users such as aircraft or aircraft engine manufacturers. This type of shot is produced with the highest levels of quality control.

Manufacturing process and quality control by W Abrasives

With fully-equipped laboratories and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities,  W Abrasives  offers its  well-recognized know-how and well-qualified technicians and operators  to satisfy customers' demands in the field of shot peening.

SHOT PEENING Dedicated Service and Tools

  • Coverage rate : Coverage strips, WA Pack, coverage rate simulator
  • Almen Intensity : Almen strips, WA Pack including Almen gauge, Almen saturation curve solver
  • Roughness : Perthometer for roughness level measurement
  • Residual Stress : Possibility of outsourcing residual stress analysis for our customers, Residual stress simulator
  • Springs SP process : New device to control part rotation measurement (springs) : WARCS


Shot peening services benefits

  • Sharing of peening process know-how

  • Optimization of peening costs

  • Partnerships for process improvement