This innovative technology allows quick, visual and precise identification of the real position of hot points generated by the turbines, but also visualisation of preferential wear zones on the machines.

The WA COST technology was developed on the basis of more than ten years’ experience in cost reduction in the field of blasting. This technology is used to determine and reduce blasting costs. A version has been developed specifically for surface preparation operations.

COSMOS is the latest technology for granite cutting, consisting of an innovative fine grit, a system guaranteeing more productivity (increasing slab production per block), and our technical support for process optimization. Getting more with COSMOS technology: Useful steel grit particles are fully recycled, worn grit is excluded and “black mixture” is prevented, allowing customers to use the finest grit in the world. Benefits provided by COSMOS technology: Simple mechanism, easy to use by an operator, environment-friendly and non- polluting, requires minimum investment thanks to rental solution.

For the very first time, it is now possible to visualise the roughness profile of a blasted surface in the form of a 3D representation. This technology opens up the possibility of using roughness parameters that were impossible to access up to now.

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This patented technology is used to check the cleanliness of a blasted base material in accordance with international standards, independently of any human interpretation. It reads, quantifies and archives the degree of surface cleanliness you have achieved.

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This technology measures the concentration and size of dust particles in accordance with international standards, independently of any human interpretation. The results can be archived to ensure complete traceability of the blasting process.

Almen strips are mandatory to set-up and monitor the shot peening process. The use of high quality strips is then a pre-requisite to ensure a good process control and the best performances of the treated parts. Our Almen strips A, N and C are manufactured according to main shot peening standards (SAE J442, AMS-S-13165 and AMS 2432 B) and are always delivered with quality certificates.

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