Specific W Abrasives products for this market

WGR and Futura

  • Increased cutting speed
  • Longer working life and use
  • Efficient, reliable and economical with all types of cutting tool


  • A Premium product that, in combination with the Customer Care programme and its exclusive services, guarantees optimum performance throughout the cutting process.
  • Improved cutting quality.
  • Remarkable regularity that helps to reduce differences between batches.
  • Greater profitability along the entire cutting chain.
  • Granitium fits into a sustainable development approach.

Best practice

  • Granitium allows a third cutting operation to be performed with the same blade at IGM
  • Granitium used with the hardest materials improves down speed by 10% at a Madhucon factory
  • Granitium allows a steel grit consumption to be reduced by at least 10%

Selected references