Specific W Abrasives products for industrial peening. W Abrasives Standard products – complying with the most advanced international standards. 

SP range, especially developed for customers needing:
  • Improved shape
  • Specific hardness: 54 and 58 HRc hardness ranges

SP + range takes you an additional step beyond SP range, if you need
  • Narrower size distribution,
  • Strict control of hardness standard deviation,
  • Optional conditioning on request

Target markets

  • Automotive and non-auto – springs, power train, gears, transmission chains, etc.
  • Energy - turbines, mining and drilling parts, etc.
  • Others - cables, bridges, welded structures, etc.

Our specific product ranges and service will allow you to reap the following benefits, according to your need:

  • Reach higher fatigue performance
  • Respect better surface integrity
  • Improve process consistency
  • Reduce process cost.

Selected references