The energy market represents 9% of the worldwide abrasives market. Steel abrasives play a key role in the production processes of energy equipment, especially for pipelines and wind turbine components.


Trends and drivers

With a global approach of market surveys, customer meetings and technological monitoring, we strive to anticipate the needs of our customers, such as:
  • Guaranteeing the best surface preparation to ensure the optimum adhesion of coatings and paintings, through perfect control of the roughness and cleanliness, especially for parts in severe environments (off-shore, presence of chemicals, etc.).

  Pipelines data

W Abrasives solution

With the creation of dedicated products, equipment and services, W Abrasives offers solutions for each segment of the energy market. For example, Profilium  is  a high performance alternative to expendable or even standard metallic abrasives commonly used in surface preparation for the wind turbines and  pipelines, both in terms of efficiency and surface quality. American, Russian, Danish customers use this dedicated Premium product to increase their efficiency and reduce their blasting cost at the same time.

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Our references

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