Innovation aims at transforming scientific knowledge as well as common sense observation into value creation for our customers and our internal processes. We recognize innovation as the main driver to differentiate our products and services from competitors. We believe the voice of the customer is a key source of innovation.


Winoa rules to drive innovation are the following :

  • Promote a spirit of innovation at all levels of the organization and develop motivating work environments that favor and reward the generation of ideas and innovative practices by employees, accepting risk and recognizing creative contributions (InnoWAction).
  • Implement an innovation organization that allows us to:
    • Translate customers’ needs into research priorities through our Customer Value Creation approach and our Stage-Gate process;
    • Monitor scientific and technological progress, transforming it into benefits for our customers, whenever possible.
  • Protect the results of the innovation process, managing intellectual property suitably and ethically.
  • Think broadly about innovation, beyond products, to identify solutions and develop systems which meet customers’ needs.

R&D : The driving force behind growth

Innovation is at the heart of Winoa's growth. In all its business activities, innovation is a constant concern and a priority for management staff. The Group allocates substantial staff and resources for this purpose, especially in research & development. Thanks to this investment, Winoa is always at the leading edge in terms of technologies, quality guarantees for its products and proposal of the most cost-effective solutions to its customers.    

The challenges of our customers

Optimisation of surface treatment is the key to the economic, environmental and technical performance of our customers.

Our innovation strategy

We develop sustainable and highly efficient solutions in terms of cost reductions and respect for the environment in order to provide our customers with :
  • the best surface cleaning solutions
  • high-performance surface preparation processes prior to applying coatings or paints
  • the most efficient surface enhancing processes

Our resources

Three centres dedicated to research & development are operated in France, the Czech Republic and Japan, to develop:
  • new applications, enhanced processes and special media
  • process control tools and methods to guarantee an optimum result